Add Artwork to iTunes – Quick Tips on How To Restore Your iTunes Artwork


Being able to add artwork to iTunes is a nice trick if you can figure it out. Most people aren’t really sure how it works and remain at the mercy of the album artwork properly downloading or ripping when they acquire their music in the first place, and stoically accept when this just isn’t the case. Thankfully you don’t actually need to just sit back and accept those times when your music doesn’t have the right artwork in iTunes, as there are a few simple actions you can take to make sure all of your music has the right cover art attributed to it on the file level album artwork for itunes .

Here’s what you do.

Internal Automation
First, open up iTunes and on the side make sure you’re set to the music tab, looking at your digital song collection. Then you want to go up to the top of the iTunes browser and find the horizontal tab that says Advanced. Click on this tab and scroll down until you see the option to Get Album Artwork now. Once you do this iTunes will ask you if you really want to get album artwork. Check the box that says ‘don’t ask me this again’ and then click on ok. iTunes will automatically search the internet for the album artwork that gets paired with the song in question. You can search for album artwork for just one song or multiple songs at once, depending on how many are selected. After iTunes wraps up finding and downloading the appropriate artwork you’ll find it automatically attached to the song or songs in question.

Information Dependent
This is a great and very handy process, but it isn’t exactly foolproof. That’s because iTunes depends on the information attached to each song to find the appropriate album artwork. Ideally each song that you’re finding album artwork for is going to have the artist, album and song title fields filled out correctly. While this method works like a charm when you have files that all feature all of this information as correctly as possible, the fact of the matter is most of us have tons of songs that aren’t so thoroughly categorized.

Inputting Information
For these song files you’re going to need to go ahead and fill in the right information manually on your own. Do the best you can to both fill out all the information accurately and spelled correctly. As long as you have enough information and it’s all close enough iTunes should be able to find and download the right album artwork for it.

Some External Assistance
The process of filling in the right album, artist and song title information can take a long time and can be frustrating if you’re not quite sure the correct name for everything. It’s a somewhat unavoidable step but you can go ahead and eliminate a lot of unnecessary work by getting rid of all the duplicates you likely have stored away in your playlist.

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