Leonard Cohen’s BEAUTIFUL LOSERS – Key to a Secret Holocaust?


The pyrotechnics with the much-acclaimed, maniacally experimental book obscure the shocking truths that really is stitched around.


Cohen peppers the book with references for the horrible narrative, however uses those horrors as funny activates. The reader zig-zags between paradise and hell, even whilst the amphetamine-gulping narrator gropes for a lost ethical center on earth that’s burst.

After we see it at the sixties, we’re shocked, angry and titillated.

Read the light of what we all know today concerning the classified goingson in McGill throughout the years prior to the writing with the eccentric roman a clef, it has a tendency to seem awful.

Maybe there is humor at Auschwitz. I mightn’t be amazed that there were clowns from the barracks, adored to get their capacity to get fun out of their expiring and soon-to-be-dead.

Individual soap ends up a few times in Beautiful Losers, too.

Nearly a euphemism for offenses therefore unspeakable they’re never spoke. So the reality slips to the yawning abyss of amnesia, and also a completely different creation of mind-controlled patriots are getting ready to abide by their leaders to Armageddon.

Still — from the light of their Thomas Riggs and Co papers sitting at Washington, also all that’s emerged online and elsewhere throughout the past couple of decades, since child victims regain their memories and memories and commence to release their reports of CIA torture, financed by our authorities — Beautiful Losers seems strangely important now.

Part of this is put at a Montreal emotional hospital, after all, even throughout the occasions when MKULTRA was running amok in this city.

Other areas are put previously, when Jesuit missionaries conducted both invisibly one of the Hurons and Montagnais at Quebec.

There are testimonials to the orphanage at which the narrator, along with also his mentor F., were increased, and also introduced to various kinds of uncontrolled misuse.

Leonard was hardly half when he awakened this epic poem, straightened by amphetamines as well as perhaps only a hint of anger, which he disguises supporting humor.

Reading it today, it’s quite obvious that Leonard knew a whole lot regarding Ewen Cameron and MKULTRA and the trick experiments on kids, for example First Nations kids, in McGill. In addition, he knew what happened to folks who spoke publicly by exactly what they knew.

However, just how much did he understand? Perhaps Beautiful Losers was composed of equipment of advice Cohen discovered, and cobbled together to a publication. Perhaps he didn’t directly watch these horrors, he teased in a hallucinatory flow of consciousness mode — afterwards it had been 1966 he’d completed LSD, also examine The Lamp of Albion Moonlight,by Kenneth Patchen, a book some state motivated this one

But events alone — very educated events — do not account fully for its contrasts between the events described in Beautiful Losers, and also the actual, covert goingson in behavioural labs at the Allan Memorial Institute, heart of covert CIA experiments on several different hapless emotional disorders, along with kiddies.

The Nazi connection, that Cohen flirts with but will not grow, is plain to anybody, copied with tens of thousands of pages of declassified CIA records. Perhaps not that those records cite kiddies, needless to say. In case they did, then my creation might have grown more fast. We’d have ceased believing in fairytales quite a very long time ago.

There are not any records that lived beyond 1973, when CIA director Stansfield Turner ordered his team to shred every bit of evidence about a few of the funniest study programs to grace the hallways of learning.

However, Leonard Cohen cites them at BEAUTIFUL LOSERS. Oh, perhaps not overly directly, needless to say, but he alludes to orphans along with pedophile priests and scientists, and paints an image of a universe which, in those times, looked as the dream product of a mind wasted with medication.

Cohen the sly surgical, shrewdly estimating the constraints of that which he can state inprint. He knew if he told the reality, it wouldn’t be believed.

And he had been perfect. Perhaps not ONE critic ever captured the message. Nobody joined the dots that are obvious followed the course of bread crumbs which Leonard fell to all of us at the forests. Should they had, the road would have resulted in the witch’s door, then right to the oven.

It has 40 years since Beautiful Losers was released in 1996. And it’s really time for all of us to re read it, with a duplicate of John Marks’ The Making of the Manchurian Candidate from our mind, and also our browsers poised to look for real, authentic stories of their orphans, kids, First Nations kids, pedophile priests, and suspicious politicians, along with Nazi doctors… every one whom populate the pages of Beautiful Losers.

In mythic type, needless to say.

Fictional sufferers!

Might it be because I’ve stumbled upon the facts concerning Canada?
City Fathers, kill me because I have spoke a lot” P. 3-7

Recently in a meeting, Cohen called Beautiful Losers an extended “prayer” Strange, how religion will blur distinctions and wipe memory out substantially enjoy those medication MKULTRA was handed out to just about anybody. I expect you’ll venture out and discover an older backup, or purchase the new variant, and choose for your self.

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