10 best Indian startups news websites


Here are list of 10 best News website for startups news

I Am An Entrepreneur: IAAE is a multi-platform source of inspiration, information and news in startup, technology and entrepreneurial culture. Featuring various categories like News, Founder Stories, Startups, Guru Gyan, Life’s A Pitch, Fund Funda, Trends, etc, they aim to keep wannapreneurs and entrepreneurs absolutely up to date on the startup ecosystem.

Your Story: This is a platform that mainly covers the stories of entrepreneurs and change-makers, funding analyses, resource pieces, and the first glimpse of emerging trends from the entrepreneurial space of India. They specialise in laying stress on genres like News, Women, Society, and a lot more. Available in 12 languages presently, it has a vast presence all over the country.

Iamwire: Is a an acronym for Internet and Mobile wire. Features entrepreneurs, researchers, supports early stage technology, businesses and innovative ideas. Aims to become an organisation that supports innovation in many countries of the world. Doing well in business off late, with lots of bigwigs contributing in the website.

Indianweb2.com: Operating since 2007, this weblog intimates users about the latest Indian startups, online products, websites and web 2.0 driven internet tools and technologies that are already into business or a new player. Has been nominated in Top 10 Technology Blogs in India for the year 2008 by Indibloggies.

Bizztor: A digital player that aims to empower entrepreneurs make a positive impact on society with innovation. Comes in the first page in the SEO.

Knowstartup.com: An online media platform for entrepreneurs with startup stories, entrepreneurs, news, ideas, research and analysis. Covers stories from important areas like the startup stories from entrepreneurs, their journeys and the like. Has been covering stories on big players on the entrepreneurial space.

The Startup Journal: This portal aims at fostering entrepreneurial culture in the young Indian minds. It’s an initiative taken by some student entrepreneurs from different parts of India. Features exclusive stories from different angles.

Startupstories.in: A digital player in the startup space, they intend to help entrepreneurs to play the next big thing and create a positive impact on the society. Featured different categories from the startup track.

Kenfolios.com: A webzine that focusses on socially relevant stories and covers exclusive stories. Are an active player in the market.

The Ken: They aim to deliver fresh and original business insight to professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and leaders in the market. They feature stories on business, science and health care with an analytical sense.

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