Blast That Gut – How to Lose Belly Fat


Do you want to lose some belly fat? You may have had this thought, but then said, get real! Maybe you have already fought and lost the battle of trying to lose belly fat. But with a bit of effort, you don’t need to wonder how to lose belly fat anymore.

Of the whole human body, the belly is the one place that’s most difficult to properly tone. A lot of factors contribute to this, like diet, the kind of exercise you do, and willpower, but the bottom line is, if you want six pack abs, you probably have a long journey ahead.

But there are some important things that you need to remember along the way. You can’t just wave a magic wand and have your belly fat suddenly disappear, unless you get lipo done; but these four tips will point you the right way.

Start off by checking the labels on your food. A big crime currently being perpetrated across the country in supermarkets is disguising food products as healthy through advertising when they really aren’t. You need to determine yourself if each food product is worth eating. It’s not necessary to count exact grams of fat or calories to the decimal point, but you should know exactly what you’re putting in your body each day Fat Decimator. Learning to prepare healthy meals yourself is a large part of losing excess belly fat.

Then, do your research and find abdominal exercises that are fat burners. Most of us rely on old standbys like sit-ups, crunches, and other exercises that tone muscles, but is your goal to build muscle, or simply to tone? Building muscle can actually make your stomach protrude even more. The key to encouraging results is getting rid of the fat layer that’s on top of the muscle by doing cardiovascular exercises, so you tone first before building muscle.

Rather than doing so many crunches that you can’t breathe, try aerobics or Pilates several times a week. Exercises that keep you active for longer periods and engage the motion of your whole body are much more effective for getting in shape. These exercises build muscle too, but they’re mainly meant to shape and tone your body.

Don’t be afraid of incorporating more muscle building moves into your exercise routine, but the most important thing when beginning is being active. You can run or jog if you like, but you’ll find activities like aerobics, Pilates or swimming are the best. If you want a comprehensive plan that will teach you how to lose belly fat, check out The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

Finally, you need to be very careful with taking any supplements. It’s a great idea to take a multi-vitamin, but stay away from all those fat burning products. Simply, diet pills don’t work unless a doctor prescribes them, and you use them under their supervision. You are wasting your money, as well as possibly putting your life in danger, by taking them. Everybody wants a quick and easy way to curb hunger and stop cravings, but you won’t find the solution in any pill.

If cravings are a problem, keep nutritious snacks on hand, or try smaller portions of foods you crave. If you work with this plan for how to lose your belly fat, you’ll start seeing a difference very soon.

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