Croatia – A Must Visit Place


The Republic of Croatia is a country which is located in the Europe’s centre. It lies besides the Adriatic Sea, the Balkans and the Pannonia plain. Zagreb is the largest city in the whole of Croatia and it is also the capital of the country. Throughout the prehistoric period Croatia was inhabited and hence was named Croatia.

From the place of Krapina and Vindija, fossils of the Neanderthals which are from the middle Paleolithic have been found. A war broke out from the year 1991. At that time a new government was formed and the market economy and privatization didn’t even begin to rise. The war made huge damages to Croatia. The economic infrastructure was badly affected. And especially the tourism industry which reaped huge profits took a hitting. The GDP of the country dropped over 40 percent because of the war from 1989 to 1993. But besides this Croatia somewhat managed to recover its economy and tourism at the rear end of the year 1995 car rental Zagreb. The culture of Croatia has a very long history which lasts almost fourteen centuries. Croatia had developed through the fourteen centuries.

Croatia consists of eight national parks and also seven world heritage sites. Croatia is home to the birth of many historical figures. It is proud that Croatia has produced three Nobel Prize winners, which is a massive achievement. Many inventors were also born in Croatia.

Some of the best places to stay at Croatia are Lumbarda and Korcula town. Many people also consider staying at the Vela Luka. The Lesic Dimitri Palace is the one and only top – level luxury hotel to stay on in Korcula Town. Marko Polo is the best four star hotel in the town. The two star and three star hotels are also quite convenient enough to stay. Private accommodation is also available in many numbers. But most of the private accommodation is located at the Sv. Nikola neighborhood in the Korcula town.

The numbers of restaurants, bars, cafes are available in plenty in the Korcula town. When a person wants to stay at Korcula then Korcula town is the best place. The renting of a bike or a car is very easy which enables a person to enjoy the whole of Korcula. If one is looking for beach fun then Lumbarda is the perfect place. It is a small and quiet village which has many sand beaches. Vela Luca is a small town which is located in the Bay of Korcula Island. It only has 4500 inhabitants and it is also the most beautiful and biggest of the 1000 islands of Dalmatia located at Croatia. It has a 182 km long coast and also has 195 capes and calms. 48 little islands constitute the archipelago of Korcula. Survey tells that about 3000 solar hours are present in a year in Korcula. The air temperature average was not lower than 9 or 8 degree Celsius in the moth of January. Mild Mediterranean weather, friendly hosts, fresh air both the Dalmatian song are the trade marks of Vela Luka. The nature of Vela Luka is very well maintained and unchanged since the Roman Times.

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