Choosing a Live Band for Your Wedding Engagement or Wedding Reception


Choosing a live band for your wedding engagement party or wedding reception can be daunting. You want to make sure you make the right decision. Other than making sure you find a reputable, professional and experienced wedding band, there are other considerations. Below are a few things a Bride and Groom should consider:

The ambiance of the event. If you want your guests to experience a quiet and relaxed atmosphere then you should discuss that with the band manager. If you want more of a celebratory atmosphere then that should be discussed as well. Your vision of what you want for your event and your guests should be openly discussed with the band manager or the band itself. The band wants to make sure they are a good fit for your event just as badly as you want. Being up front about your expectations will go far in getting you just what you want.

Schedule far in advance. It should be completely understood that bands in high demand get booked far in advance. So you should be prepared to find out that a band is not available for your event if you do not plan far ahead Top Hits. Once you find out that a band is available then discuss the expectation of when you want the band set up and how many sets you want played. You should go over their play list, ask their usual playing time per set, and if they expect refreshments during their breaks. You should let them know how long you expect them to play. You can’t decide after you booked them for two hours that when the party is going great that they will automatically agree to stay another 2 hours for your benefit. Discuss the possibility of overtime. Be practical and book for the exact time you expect.

Make sure you get costs of the band up front. Some charge a set fee, others a per performer fee. The more elaborate the group the more expensive it will be. Ask if there is a possibility of overtime and what that will cost you. Make sure that all costs are in the contract and that you understand what the deposit covers. If there is no contract then don’t do business with that band, a true professional band always uses a contract.

For those that want a joyful, celebratory event your guests will enjoy themselves thanks to the band’s music and entertainment skills, then you may want to use a Caribbean SteelDrum Band to add flair and festive music to the Wedding event. Most important is choosing a live music band with years of existence, professionalism, and experience in working with wedding planners and Brides this means they know what you are expecting and ready to work to make your event spectacular.

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