Your First Web Site


And you’re so proud of this. You don’t have any understanding of html and so on, but your little web site sits bravely in the ether. You see all the significant search engines and painstakingly submit your URL. You visit other sites similar to yours and politely ask for a link. You check the Link Rankings at least twice a day to find out if your brand-new website has been indexed, and smile smugly as Yahoo, Google and the others acknowledge your small space online .

This condition of euphoria remains until somebody says, ” but you’ve frames – Google hates frames,” along with your grief grows deeper when somebody else asks you in the event that you’ve optimized your website. You won’t acknowledge it, (nobody wants to seem like a dummy do they?) However, you don’t have any clue what they’re referring to, so you grin and say, “naturally, has not everyone?”

Whenever you’re alone, you log on and search the web for optimization hints. Thousands of useful hints are found, they’d be useful if you knew what and at which a root directory is; in which you can find and ought to place a meta tag, understood something about RSS, and owned even the smallest understanding of html 먹튀사이트.

The grief deepens, until you eventually accept that unlike you, the rest of the planet is html literate. Then it’s simple, you simply abandon your website, and take up golf!

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