Flirting Techniques For Shy Guys – How to Be a Seductive Babe Magnet Instantly


Flirting is natural and we all have flirted once or twice in our lives. The experience can be overwhelming and liberating, right? And your typical Saturday night out wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t flirt for a minute or two — and if you’re luckier, you get to hook up with the hottest ladies in the clubs and bars and make a blast! Of course, not all of us enjoy this kind of talent but the good news is, it’s never too late to learn the skill! Having the power to lure and seduce women is something you need time and effort to practice on, so as a starter, here are a few flirting techniques for shy guys — get to be finally seductive and be a babe magnet at last click here!

Gain experience. That means you shouldn’t just stay inside your apartment the whole weekend with your usual DVD marathon. That is so anti-social attitude. If you want to impress and attract women, who have to meet women and that means you need to go out. You need experience to gain more confidence around them.
Stay in contact with friends. Friends are good networks to be introduce to a friend of a friend of a friend — who knows this would the moment you’ve been waiting for. Attend invites, go to parties, volunteer in your community — get some activities done! A lot of girls to meet, so little time.
Go out on a weekend. Weekends are a great time to unwind and people (including single women) are more on a happy and sociable mood. Hit the beach, clubs and bars — even jog on the park. Plenty of opportunity there man, you’ve just been missing it all your life. Even that short trip to the grocery store might just be a chance to bump into a pretty girl who’d instantly get attracted to you.
Look and smell your best. At all times. It’s prime time you take time to be a little more productive and let’s start off with hygiene. Get some new clothes, shower well, brush your teeth, spray cologne — you need to be at least presentable if you want women to notice you. Stick to your own style — comfortable should never be sacrificed for fashion.
Approach a girl. If you’ve never done it, then now’s you’re great chance. Really, be honest, have you? If you’ve never done it before, why? You need to have a little talk with yourself. Do you still have insecurity issues? Personal problems you need to address? Then by all means, get it done — you need to at least love yourself first — when you do, you start to be lovable as well. So go on with it. You have some work to do.
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