Different Elements in a Hindu Wedding Invitation Card


In Hindu civilization, wedding invitations are called Lagnapatrika or even nimantranpatra and reflects the ethnic values, and customs reflected in the Indian society. All these cards have been useful for announcing the union ceremony. The practice of sending invitation card into guests creates an essential portion of the agency. All these cards really are famous worldwide because of their distinctive designs, colours and layouts การ์ดแต่งงาน. The clear presence of unique facets at a Hindu wedding card which makes it befitting your own union function and with no that the service is imperfect.

Haldi signifies pleasure, innocence and auspicious start of a sacred service. In Hindu culture, the marriage cards have been first marked using haldi and spread to your guests. The groom and bride are also adorned with haldi to cause them to become pristine before the marriage ceremony. It’s spiritual medicinal and uses abilities and also the yellowish color of garlic would be the sign of sanctity within Hindu union.

Sindoor and chawal are thought exceptionally efficient in Hindu civilization. In Hindu wedding, wedding cards have been indicated by sindoor and chawal and agreed to God to produce the marriage blessed and sacred.

Red coloured wedding card

Red color can be just a potent color and brings attention since it increases excitement and confidence. In Hindu civilization, reddish color is advocated being a vibrant coloration, also it defines excitement, purity and pleasure. Red colored wedding card high lights the principles of a union and enhances the elegance of their service.

Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is thought of as God of education and wealth. In Hindu civilization, Lord Ganesha is worshiped first to get rid of all of the hurdles and obstacles prior to starting an tragic event such as union. Because of the feature, Lord Ganesha is published onto the Hindu wedding invitation cards, even with a view that Lord Ganesha is likely to produce the marriage obstacle successful and free.


These layouts have religious significance and discuss the Hindu civilization.


Even the Hindu wedding cards have been written in English in addition to Hindi vocabulary. Even the wordings found inside these are quite straightforward and relatively easy to comprehend. The cards comprise details of this affair, name of the bride and groom together with their parents along with sacred mantras and shlokas from the sacred Vedas. The principal motto would be to encourage the guests to offer their blessings to the newly wed couple.

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