Largemouth Bass Lures – Choosing Your Bass Fishing Lures


Fishing is a great hobby and largemouth bass fishing is even more exciting as these species are exciting and relatively easy to catch. These fishes are also found in many bodies of water, from small ponds to reservoirs to natural lakes and other bodies of water that does not have strong current.

If you want to explore bass fishing, one of the things you must consider is finding out the best largemouth bass lures. Different kinds of lures are used by fishermen in getting those largemouth bass lures, and they differ from sizes and colors and may resemble much of what are usually found in the waters the best fishing lures for bass.

Largemouth bass lures are often ‘specialized’ for a certain location or the depth of the water where you want to go fishing, although all lures help you catch these fishes, you can maximize your catch by using the appropriate lure in certain waters or locations. If you are going out bass fishing in shallow waters, you have to go for lures best for shallow waters. Among the lures good for shallow water fishing are hair-bugs, buzz baits, surface plugs, poppers and other soft plastic lures. Mouse imitations are also good if you are under trees.

If you are going fishing in not too shallow waters, and slightly deeper waters, artificial worms that are a little heavier can be effective. Among the lures that are effective in this kind of setting are spoons, spinner baits, crank baits, minnow plugs, and streamers, although spoons are great for bass fishing at any depths. Crank baits are better in rock ledges. Suspending crank baits and spinner baits are also great in these not so shallow nor too deep waters.

If you love going out to deeper waters for fishing largemouth bass, you can however use largemouth bass lures efficient for deeper water such as the jigging spoons with pork rind dressing. Plastic worms, lead-heads and other soft-bodied lures are also great for deep water bass fishing. You can also explore deep diving crank baits and rattle traps in deep water fishing.

Among the considered most effective lures that you may want to bring in going out fishing are the buck tail jigs that you can treat with pork rind. Using these lure in heavy cover is one great way to get a good catch when it comes to bass fishing. The Kicktail minnow is also another great one to buy and bring with you. In fact, a good bass fisherman always has a Kicktail minnow in his fishing equipment as this type of lure has been proven to be very effective in bass fishing.

However, you have to keep in mind too that the effectiveness of your largemouth bass lures may depend on its quality and on how you effectively use them. Don’t just let the lure do everything for you. You have to determine which type of lure is best for certain time and conditions and of course, practice in using them can play a big role in making them effective and in making yourself a wise largemouth bass fishing enthusiast.

Carolyn Anderson is an avid reader and a book reviewer. If you are a fishing enthusiast who wants to make your own lures, check out this great guide on Wooden Lure Making. Also check out Surf Fishing Sport, a great guide to help you learn the exciting sport of surf fishing that you can also include in your hobbies.

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