Strategies and Methods of Medical Astrology


Medical astrology is the department of astrology that offers with the doable and precise well being and ailments of the consumer. Normally, individuals come to the astrologer in occasions of nice life adjustments, reminiscent of

Ought to I alter my job?

When will I come into my inheritance?

Ought to I marry him/her? and many others

To the medical astrologer, nonetheless, individuals come within the progressed levels of the sickness, typically after some type of surgical procedure has already taken place, together with a wealthy historical past of coping with docs. The standard questions for the medical astrologer are mores infos:

Ought to I’m going for surgical procedure?

Does it must be a surgical procedure?

When ought to the surgical procedure happen?

Why do not we’ve got kids?

Do I’ve most cancers?

Will my most cancers come to cross this yr? and many others

If the occasions within the historical past of sickness coincide with sure astrological transits and configurations, we will discover the astrological cause for sickness, give the prognosis for the course and length of the sickness, and determine upon a remedy wanted and so forth. The other scenario typically takes place as effectively: the consumer comes for the same old astrological session, however the astrologer sees within the horoscope a hazard lengthy earlier than the sickness has manifested and materialized.

A substantial amount of expectations is hooked up to the recommendation the medical astrologer provides. Will there be a surgical procedure or not, to go for chemotherapy or not, for a radiology remedy or not…

“On Tuesday, I’ve a radiology remedy appointment, ought to I’m going?”

“The physician beneficial taking my bladder away to cease the most cancers from spreading, ought to I try this or not?”

Medical astrology is the cruelest department of astrology. For those who can not bear assembly with robust, terminal pathologies, if you don’t want to take deadly accountability for the results of you recommendation — you higher do not do it. If you’re not a medical physician by occupation, you’ll have to put together effectively and skim literature, seek the advice of medical docs, collect info from the Web, participate in boards, teams, membership websites and many others.

The issues of curing are drastically completely different to what astrologers normally do through the studying. In a perfect world, astrologers advise and purchasers change their habits, as a way to spend the excess power the planets and stars ship them. Medical astrologer could also be extra concrete and counsel carrying sure crystals, colors, aromatherapy, flower treatments and so forth. It’s best that the professions of medical astrologer and medical physician don’t combine. Ideally, medical astrologer doesn’t remedy and the consumer isn’t the affected person, until the medical astrologer is medical physician as effectively, or finally, a professional homeopath. Neither ought to medical astrologer be a healer: she or he ought to solely give a extremely certified prognosis of malefic influences which have already manifested as a illness and can — until nothing is undertaken — proceed to manifest thus, most likely with heavier penalties because the time progresses.

Medical astrologer reaches out for all astrological strategies and strategies from which one thing might be deduced concerning the nature of sickness. She or he should be, above all, a reliable astrologer, should command a wide selection of astrological strategies and use them for the advantage of the consumer and their well being. Since she or he provides recommendation about therapeutic, however can not heal on his personal, in a perfect world, she or he needs to be linked to docs and healers, ought to know their natal charts and thru synastry determine whom the affected person ought to see subsequent. Nevertheless, for sensible causes, it’s best that the consumer finds his or her personal docs and healers to go after visiting the astrologer, in any other case, in case one thing goes incorrect (and with unwell individuals it at all times will), the astrologer might be accused of getting a cope with the well being practitioner that he has despatched the consumer to.

From the chart, it’s doable to determine upon the type of remedy, reminiscent of homeopathy, Bach flower treatments, vibropathy, therapeutic massage, classical medication, attending spas, aromatherapy, crystal therapeutic, Su Jok, and many others.

The Indicators

Indicators symbolize the twelve giant techniques within the physique of man, beginning with Aries which represents the pinnacle, all via the signal of Pisces, ruling the toes. The indicators that comprise the planets, both by start or via progressed horoscopes, will stand out, or will most likely be the sources of sickness. For every signal a particular tissue salt exists; these are the constructing supplies for human physique, the substances via the mixture of which tissues, organs, techniques of organs, and eventually your complete physique are constructed. Utilizing these salts on their very own or by combining them in materials or homeopathic doses, one’s well being might be a lot improved.

Fairly equally, for every signal a particular kind of meals is finest. Medical astrologer will likely be certified to offer recommendation about meals, and this may also enhance the consumer’s well being in quite a few methods. Utilizing the idea of doctrines, i.e. discovering the similarities between the zodiac, physique, and herbs, it’s also doable to attach indicators with herbs and prescribe them to assist the affected person.

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