Notary Public Stamps


Clerical supplies such as notary stamps, record books, handbooks and embossing seals are available for notaries to notarize various legal documents. A notary public stamp is an exclusive property of a notary public. It should be kept under the direct and exclusive supervision of the notary. A notary public seal, usually of the rubber stamp type, is affixed to all notarized paper documents in photographically reproducible black ink.

Notary public stamps normally contain the full legal name of the notary, the title ?Notary Public including the State?, the commission number, and the date of expiration of the commission. In some states, there is a line with the county in which the notary is qualified. This information is usually seen right after the state.

The rubber stamp seal is the official sign for use on a paper document Notary Public Austin. An impression type seal is also used in addition to the rubber stamp seal. However, the rules do not permit to use the impression type seal only.

A notary public whose official seal is lost, stolen, or found to be in control of another person is required to immediately inform the Department of State or the Governor. Any individual who illegally possesses a notary public official stamp or any papers relating to notarial deeds is punishable.

In general, states do not provide notary public stamps. They issue notary commission certificates, to be taken to a rubber stamp company as proof of commission. The certificate permits the seller to take the order for a notary public stamp.

To obtain a notary public stamp, first check with your bonding company that normally makes the stamps. If you cannot find one, the yellow pages dealing with stamps, seals, notary supplies and stationery stores can help. A notary stamp cannot be ordered until the notary public certificate is accepted.

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