The Power of Positive Affirmations


I have been a religious seeker for several decades now and I have always been interested in reading books about self-improvement, spirituality, learning and healing as far as I could for quite a while. I feel like I have been blessed by aligning myself with a few of the finest spiritual teachers through workshops and individual counselling sessions. I have had to overcome a great deal of barriers in my own life, because of family difficulties, and that I had a great deal of advice.

One of my mentors was a psychologist in Houston, Texas. I spent nearly ten years working with this particular girl who wholeheartedly thought in the power of affirmations. It was kind of like going to confession in the Catholic Church. We’d have our session at which we’d chat about issues, after that I’d be delegated my so called assignments. Rather than ten “Hail Mary’s” and five “Our Father’s”, it is to compose this affirmation 25 occasions: “I start to bless everything that comes in my life as great, good, great.” Then I’d write this affirmation in first individual using “I”, second person: “You start”, and third person: “Laureen, starts to.” The rationale is that yes, I want to confirm myself. When writing in second person, it is like somebody I trust is speaking right for me. In third person, it is as if it had been composed, and correct.

Within the course of 10 years, I’ve written tens of thousands of affirmations. I have written affirmations of recovery from previous childhood traumas, recovery of relationships, recovery in the divorce and recovery from profession changes. I was essentially reprogramming my subconscious and conscious negative thoughts to positive “affirming” ideas. Rather than thinking in a “negative belief” no longer works for me personally, I worked on accepting and affirming the “positive” experiences in the scenario create affirmations.

Initially, I’d complain that my palms could get tired from all of the writing, however, the rep imprints the affirmation to the subconscious mind. Additionally, the longer you compose an affirmation, the more emotionally involved you receive. How do you write “I’m healthy in mind, body and soul” dozens of times, without thinking it? Composing, can help you think it, feel it, and reprogram your thoughts.

I have written down in journals and post-it-notes round the home. I have typed in affirmations in my computer and published a number of these in big type and glued it to my walls, like: “The more money I invest, the more money I get from the Universe”. I have a tendency to enjoy this one a great deal! I have even taped myself talking affirmations, therefore I could listen at home, although I am doing yoga. I find that there is not anything as too much. We invest a lot of our own lives in negative environment, whether that’s on the job, or at home, with our loved ones, friends or even watching TV.

After I was in music school, I had been a vocal performance major. I use to listen to all of the time from several pupils (a few instrumentalists), “I can not sing” Well, who advised them they could not sing, and why did they think it? I have discovered through the years of singing, teaching and performing, that not many men and women are in fact tone deaf. So, why do so many men and women think they can not sing? It is because somebody advised them to be silent in church whenever they had been singing, and after that, they embraced a negative belief system about singing. Just because they might not have had a pretty voice, or even an expert voice, isn’t the exact same matter as they “can not sing”. I found myself training some of those people because of my sight-singing course, and lo and behold, they can it.

Not all people can manage coaches, or advisers, or practitioners to assist us. However, 1 thing we might do is help ourselves by working with affirmations. The one good thing about affirmations, is that there’s so much info out online about affirmations. What I love to do would be to hunt via a great deal of written teachings in recovery, prosperity, health, career, relationship difficulties, and find those that I enjoy. I then re-word the affirmation to something which feels right to me. I ensure that the affirmation is composed in the “present” tense and it’s positive as well as specific.

Some affirmations have a little bit of a “fee” let us say. What I mean with a “charge” is that you’re saying something favorable, but you are feeling some unwanted emotions as you compose. This implies, is that, you are not very sure you truly feel this, and there’s a healing to do in this region. Since you continue writing the affirmation, there may be an entire collection of feelings flowing, even if you let yourself go through the procedure. The specialists state that the subconscious mind does not understand what’s true, or not actual. So, why don’t you give ourselves the greatest positive belief system, to substitute the unwanted beliefs we have adopted through the plan of life? Transforming our faith, is like giving ourselves a new lifestyle, a fresh perspective and a brand new future that is based on favorable beliefs.

When I had been going through a tricky time in my entire life I use to compose “I release all anxieties and resentments”, over and over again. It had been hard, since I was in panic, and that I had a good deal of resentments. I was tired of being miserable. I was tired of being fearful. What I needed to do, has been reprogram myself to releasing these negative emotions, so I could live a joyous life. Though, I did not initially feel that I could really “let go” of these unwanted emotions, the more times I composed the affirmation, the more relaxed I became.

I really like affirmations so much, I purchase CD’s and music downloads of numerous terrific teachers and teachers, and I usually play with them once I meditate or go to sleep. I find that continuing use of affirmations changes my perspective, my productivity, along with my pleasure and happiness. I subscribe to some of email programs from Unity’s Daily Word along with Joel Osteen. I discover that immersing myself positive affirmations has helped me to develop considerably and has cured many wounds. I’m now a much happier and optimistic person than I have ever been in my entire life.

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