Why People Prefer Stretch Wrappers


There are several reasons why people find stretch wrappers to be convenient. The most important reason why these are used by most companies is that they are more economical in the long run when compared to hand wrapping techniques.

Sometimes it may seem that it is cheaper to just get the wrapping done by an employee. However, this not always a good idea because getting a person to wrap film around heavy loads may prove to be more expensive over a longer period of time. Instead of getting a person to wrap items throughout the day, it may actually be cheaper to get all the wrapping done in few hours. People usually forget that these machines take far less time compared to humans. Moreover, there is always a possibility that a person may get injured while handling bulky packages horizontal orbital wrapper.

These days, it is possible to expand film to a far greater extend by using proper machines. This can lead to 70% reduction in film usage vis-a-vis hand wrapping. Unless you take advantage of these improved techniques to cut costs, you will lose out to your competitors who will manage to deliver goods to clients at lower costs.

To ensure that the weight of packages remain low, manufacturers are making gauges that are very thin. If these films can be expanded properly, then the weight of the film per package will be only a few ounces.

Furthermore, the turntable positioning system ensures that the starting position is exactly identified, the exact wrap counts are applied, and the package is realigned to the optimal starting position.

Another advantage of these machines is that they enable manufacturers to make the whole process of packing automatic. Thus the process can be integrated with the manufacturing process because fork trucks are not required with the machines that have conveyor belts. The loads can be conveyed in and out of the place where the wrapping is done.

There are a few things that you should remember while purchasing stretch wrappers. You should always make sure that the company from which you buy the machine offers proper support services. In fact it would be better if the company regularly undertook preventive maintenance of the machines. It would a good idea to choose a company that is a member of Packaging Distributors of America because they are more likely to provide high quality stretch wrappers.

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