What is Available For Kids at the Almond Casuarina Beach Resort and Hotel in Barbados?


The Almond Casuarina Beach Resort sits in a oasis of exotic vegetation on the beautiful island of Barbados. It boasts many amenities and activities to keep you amused and relaxed in your holiday, including water and a health spa. The resort is situated just 4 miles away from Bridgetown; Barbados’s capital city, and is host to a gorgeous stretch of shore and 3 pools Kids Club.

However I understand what you’re thinking; in the event that you’re travelling with your loved ones, who will watch the kids when you’re enjoying the services offered?

Children up to two yrs old are accommodated in the full-service nursery which the resort supplies, where experienced staff will ensure that your children are totally looked after and completely safe during your stay. Children from 3 to 12 years of age can combine the Kids’ Club; a safe, friendly amenity that lets both you and your young ones to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Even the Almond Casuarina Kids’ Club offers numerous indoor and outdoor tasks; outdoor tasks include pool and beach games, and lessons at local culture, indoor tasks include courses in local songs and dancing, and computer and video games.

The Almond Casuarina Beach Resort aims to please all ages, and accomplishes that by playing host to quite a few amazing pastimes for teenagers to partake in. Teenagers may join the Teen Centre, where they may enjoy the many sports sport which the hotel offers, including sailing and sailing on the idyllic Caribbean ocean. Additionally, there are movies shown regularly, and disco nights at the day, and much longer to be certain teenagers absolutely enjoy their holiday, and make some friends along the way.

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