The HTC Sensation Offers Fast Internet Browsing And Downloadable Apps Among Its Key Features


The popular HTC Sensation offers everything you could want from a smartphone thanks to its innovative software and powerful hardware. In this article I will take a look at some of the key features which make it such a popular device.

Android Market
Like the AppStore for Apple devices, the Android Market allows users of the HTC Sensation to browse over half a million apps which can be downloaded to the handset. There are numerous categories such as health and fitness, games, entertainment, productivity and shopping categories to name but a few. Combined with the powerful hardware the phone has, this makes the HTC Sensation an extremely versatile device. Whether you use your phone for business or personal use, you are sure to find a long list of apps which suit your needs and allow you to customise the phone with the apps you choose TutuApp apk.

When choosing a new smartphone, one of the most important features for many is the camera. The HTC Sensation does not disappoint in this respect, thanks to an 8 megapixel camera which operates at a resolution of 3264x 2448 resulting in high quality still images. Features such as face detection, image stabilisation, LED flash and autofocus are all included to improve results whilst keeping it easy to use. The camera can also be used to shoot video in 1080p, so it doubles up as a handy HD camcorder. When you have used to camera, you can choose to instantly upload you photos and videos to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube thanks to shortcuts within the camera interface which runs on HTC Sense, the manufacturer’s innovative custom Android interface.

Internet Browsing
A smartphone would not be a smartphone without the ability to browse the internet. This is another are where the HTC Sensation really impresses. Wi-Fi offers the optimum connection thanks to fast speeds, less battery use than 3G, and it does not use up your data allowance. If you are unable to connect to a W-Fi network, you can still use the phone’s 3G connection to connect to the internet whereby data download speeds of up to 14.4 Mbps are available. This means that web pages load quickly, and YouTube video stream with minimal buffering. The internet browsing software is provided as part of the Sense UI package, and offers many innovative features whilst remaining easy to use.

Of course there are many more impressive features found on the HTC Sensation, but the areas I have outlined in this article are some of the most important features for many users. While HTC has got these basics right, there are plenty of other features which make it an impressive smartphone, such as HTC Sense UI, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and plenty of widgets which can be downloaded from HTC Hub.

The HTC Sensation is available now on several major UK networks, several of which are currently offering the handset for free on selected tariffs.

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Everything You Need To Know About Android APK


Every person nowadays owns a cellular phone, which either has home windows, Mac or Android OS. Android is most preferred amongst all. Being an open source system, it can be mounted by any phone supplier, that makes the manufacturing cost of these phones much lower compared to the phones having their own OS or any kind of that is paid.

Just What are Android Applications and their APKs?

Applications that are established for Android platform are Android application. Each application when created brings various files and also folders within it, that specifies its functionalities as well as sources, and in order to run that application in mobile, one have to develop an archive which contains all the requirements. This archive file is known as Android Application APK, i.e. Android package kit.

Just what does an APK include?

APK is a full plan having all the required data as well as files that is must to run an app on a Smart phone. It consist of

· Resource code used to define App’s capabilities, generally terms referred as classes.dex.

· Manifest file, i.e. the documents that defines the

1. Authorizations that application requires.

2. Its flow

3. Package

4. Variation codes

5. Signatures.

6. Certificates.

7. SHA-1 Digest.

· Libs, is a directory including put together code or container files, utilized as library for applications.

· Possessions, it is a directory that has arbitrary documents like fonts, sound, messages and so on in it.

· Resources like XML documents that define the design of various web pages of the application.

· It likewise has META-INF directory site and res directory site.

When an app is established, after its screening, an export APK is produced where the developer indicators the application with a secret key to show his authority over the app. Currently, this Authorized APK is published to Google play store for its availability for Customers.

When an individual is downloading an application from any kind of resource such as Play Store, he is really downloading as well as installing the APK of that application on his phone Tutuapp apk. Besides Google Play Store, one more place where you can discover Android applications definitely free and without also having an account on Google is APK MIRROR.


APK MIRROR is a website that enables you to download any type of application that you can find in Google Play Store, without having an account. No money is charged for submitting or downloading and install Applications, and high safety steps such as verification of certifications and also permission check of signatures are performed while posting application in order to offer highly relied on and also initial applications to the individuals that exist in Play Store.

No Android Application for APK MIRROR is currently readily available in Play Store, you need to download the APK of the preferred application first from the web site and afterwards install it on your phone by hand.

One most one-of-a-kind function that the site provides is to bring you back to the older version of the application if new one isn’t really as much as the mark. Yes, APK MIRROR allows you find as well as download and install the previous variation of the application, if you aren’t delighted with the present one.

An APK is an archive documents that is a total bundle with all the information as well as directions an application need to mount and run on a Smart phone. The APK can be downloaded from various sources, amongst which one is APK MIRROR, which let individuals to download and install the APK without having any kind of account as well as install it manually to the phone.

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