Will Apple Buy Twitter? Come on Twitter, Make Up Your Mind


Twitter is one of the newer social networking sites but is currently one of the fastest growing ones around. Twitter has had a lot of big names and celebrity and famous stars using their service to communicate with fellow fans and followers. All of this has lead to millions of registrations for the company and firm.

Although Twitter has not really been monetised as of yet there has been a swarm of interest surrounding possible buyouts. The most recent announcement is that Apple, one of the largest companies in the world are looking to purchase the site for an estimated $700 million which is a huge amount buy likes.

It is rumoured that Apple are already in late stage negotiations with the sites founders which would ultimately see them walk away with a pocket full of money. But what would Apple do with the site? And is this just another rumour that is floating around? We all know that Google were in rumoured talks with Twitter, so what happened did things fall through or did the developers simply want too much?

Apples interest in the site may be due down to the massive growth of both their IPhone and their IPod and by purchasing one of the biggest micro blogging sites they would be able to integrate the functions into their devices a lot easier and get a lot more out of the site itself.

In my personal opinion I feel that yes, the founders should cash in on the huge success they make; otherwise they could possibly live to regret it. The reason for saying this is because we all know that social networking sites are happening trends, meaning one second they are the biggest thing on the planet and the next they are not. This happens because the social networking sector is forever changing and developing, new sites and new technologies come out all the time.

It would be a shame to see the founders not cash in on what they have created. I mean with that much money they could be settled for life, as well as have a great future and having enough funds to start new and innovative internet ventures which could again earn them millions. I am sure they would have a lot more regret by missing out on the opportunity to earn millions of pounds then a multi million pound company or companies like Apple and Google would.

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