A World of Imagination Begins at the Theatres

In the entertainment industry, theatres have always been a key character in the show. It is where the stage or screen is housed. It holds the seats for the patrons. It also sells the eats and drinks that cap off the experience. No matter which type of one you visit, the reason is to be carried away on an imagination journey.

Beginning in ancient times, there were outdoor stages. The comedies and tragedies of the day took place in the form of rudimentary plays. Entertainment was as much a custom in those cultures as it is today. Evidence of attending a type of playhouse can be found in ancient Asian, Egyptian and Greek civilizations to name a few.

As the entertainment industry blossomed, dramas have gone from one main place into haytheatre many different ones. One such building might show mainly live stage shows. The shows might be musicals or plays. Some plays are funny and some are serious. Most major cities have at least one playhouse that puts on these live shows. A few of the largest cities, with an emphasis on the arts, might even have several.

The stage productions are even broken down a bit further by buildings. There are playhouses that just run children’s shows. Some auditoriums have shows that spotlight a particular race or sexual preference. Even the outdoor variety still exists in amphitheaters.

The most popular of these buildings for performance are movie houses. Even the smallest of towns has at least one cinema. The cities and suburbs have movie complexes that show twenty or more movies at once. Watching movies is a common pastime for people living in this era. Although, many movies can be viewed at home on the television, the importance of the theater going experience is evidenced by where the movies are originally released to the public.

As with live stage shows, the movie houses also branch off into specialized places. Some might only show children’s films. There are those that charge a nominal ticket price for movies that have had a run at the big cinemas. Just like in olden days, some show the movies outside. These are called drive-ins.

The construction is almost as varied as the types of shows. Some halls have the seats on the same level while most have a sloped floor. There are balconies in some buildings. Occasionally, in a playhouse, the stage may be in the center with the seats surrounding it. Most places that hold live shows have the stage in front of the audience with an area behind the stage for cast and crew.

Whether taking in a play or a movie, theatres provide the public with entertainment. The buildings have a place in very old societies as much as they do in modern times. There are various types of them for live shows as well as various types for film. In yet another spin on the viewing of the shows, not all of them are even constructed the same. People love to be swept up in a great story and these places provide the venue to do it.

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