Christmas Tree Storage Containers – Prices, Pro’s, and Con’s


Proper storage for artificial Christmas trees is one of the most effective ways to preserve the condition of the tree. Boxes and bags made for holiday items come in a wide variety of materials at various price ranges. While a tree may come with a box, after several years, boxes become misshapen, torn, and difficult to carry. The price of a new box or bag for storing can often save money by prolonging the use of the tree and other décor stored along with it. Storing Christmas trees helps in these ways ราคา ตู้คอนเทนเนอร์:

Prevents dust from settling on the branches and needles of the tree
Prevents rodents from accessing trees
Keeps bugs, spider webs, and hatchlings away from your holiday items
Helps maintain the form of the tree
Protects branches and tree limbs from bending and breaking
Protects lights on pre-lit trees from dampness and wear and tear
Ensures that ornaments left on or with the tree remain clean and intact

Types of Christmas tree storage containers:

Plastic bags: These usually offer a zip closure and carry handles
Duffel bags: These usually have zip closure and reinforced handles, sometimes wheels
Cardboard boxes: These are usually long boxes with wide diameters that have a removable, snug top
Plastic boxes: These are generally long and have a snap on top, sometimes with wheels and handles
Upright tree enclosures: These are large bags that fit around the base of a tree and zip or tie around the tree in a standing position

Cost of holiday tree storage boxes and bags:

Storage for artificial trees costs between $12 and $100 on average. The low end plastic bags cost from $12 to $20. Prices for Christmas tree boxes are slightly higher but are reportedly more convenient to store due to the stackable form. Outlets that offer each include Target, Walmart, and online stores like Many reviewers who purchase cheaper bags report that they can be quickly torn by tree branches that poke through if the plastic isn’t sufficiently durable. Duffel bags typically cost $20 to $70 and are popular due to reinforced handles, especially those with reinforced plastic bases, which helps the bag maintain its shape and balance and helps provide support for the tree when lifting and placing into storage areas. Highend boxes used for storage that are padded inside, plus have wheels and handles-sometimes dual handles for carrying a tree horizontally or rolling it in a slanted fashion. There are also large plastic boxes that usually come with a snap-on top, which also generally have wheels for easy transport. Christmas tree boxes made of plastic or other heavy duty materials usually cost $60 or more. Cardboard boxes, on the other hand, are often one of the least expensive options for storing holiday décor and trees and often cost $20 or less.

Customer reviews:

Online reviews at Target, Amazon, and Walmart seem to indicate that duffel bags with wheels have numerous reviews and a high percentage of customers satisfied. The cheaper zip bags tend to be low rated due to tearing. Standard cardboard boxes are often unpopular due to losing form and difficulty transporting. Plastic and heavy duty material boxes tend to have the most positive reviews, though fewer of them, likely because these times also come with the highest price tags.

Any type of storage is better than no storage–including a bag that rips! Even a bag with a tear will protect a tree from accumulating dust and moisture better than no barrier at all. Customers looking for the best long-term storing solution for holiday trees would probably be happiest with a duffel bag or heavy duty box with wheels. Be sure that whatever item you purchase is easy to transport, easy to close, and unlikely to tear.

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