The Exclusive Features That Make Hair Drug Tests So Popular


While home drug testing is extremely accurate and reliable, and each type of test has its own selling point, there is one type of test that in many ways stands alone in terms of the quality of the results it provides. That test is the hair drug test, which distinguishes itself from its competitors by providing the consumer with the most detailed information about frequency of use. Not only do you learn whether someone is negative or positive for a particular drug but how often they use it. This can help you learn if your child just uses the drug with friends or already has a daily, addicting habit.

When hair drug tests are discussed, it is often the 90 day history feature that is most talked about. After all, such a detection period is not found among urine and saliva tests on the market. While the history hair tests are able to provide is impressive, perhaps the most unique feature of the product is the ability to find out frequency of use in just one test. You could test someone twice a week for example to determine frequent use – after all, if someone fails a urine test weeks on end then they certainly are using drugs pretty often. But it is possible too that someone would begin to trick the urine test by providing someone else’s clean sample. A much easier way to find out if use is frequent is to take an inch and a half hair sample at your home, and mail it to a certified laboratory online dispensary canada.

You can learn whether the drug use is high (constant), low (recreational), or medium (daily/weekend). This way you can find out if your child more or less uses the drug everyday. Having information this precise can help you realize the seriousness of the problem.

The drugs about which you can learn frequency of use include cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, codeine and morphine, and PCP. Marijuana is tested as well, but due to the nature of the drug and the way it binds to the hair, the frequency of use cannot be gauged as accurately as that of these other drugs. So for marijuana, a simple numeric result indicating positive or negative is provided instead.

It is important to realize not all hair drug tests provide this level of information (it is up to the manufacturer), but many do. Find out before you order if this information is provided.

Hair drug tests are already more expensive than urine or saliva tests, and this exclusive feature only adds to their value. It is something to think about when you are considering using drug tests to monitor someone’s (suspected) use. For concerned parents this aspect of the test is definitely a bonus. If you want to sit down and talk about the problem, a hair drug test gives you a lot of information to discuss.

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