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Direct personal mail is an effective marketing tool. It helps you effectively target your potential customers. Your brochures or community mailers should be backed by thorough sales research. When the mail is drafted well (after complete research) and the mailing list is genuine, then, you have a perfect combination.

Mail house services are aimed at making this job easy for you. They take care of all aspects of mailing and printing services so that you can focus on business operations. They have an expert team who are there to guide and assist you with their rich experience. Starting from drafting the mail content to sales research, the team will assist you at every step. You can expect the best quality printed brochures. They even customize solutions to meet your marketing needs.

Types of Services

Direct mail services: Under this category of mail house service, you can rest assured that direct mails don’t go into the junk mail of potential customers. It is essential to get all aspects right if you want direct mailing services to be effective. With this service provider, you are assured of a complete mailing service that includes thorough research, competent production, testing the responsiveness of your mailing list and an effective design mail house.

Bulk mailing services: This type of service is quite economical yet effective. You can be sure that the community mailers will reach the target audience. Mail house is a place where you can avail pick up and drop services too for your mails. You don’t have to bother about replicating data like CDs, packing them and mailing it across. Their team of experts will do it. The team focuses on punctuality and ensures that complete mailing is done on time.

Fulfillment services: You don’t need to worry if you can’t spare the time for pick-up, packaging, and distribution. This team can be trusted for everything. They can even customize the literature to suit your needs. They offer rates to suit different budgets. If you are a non-profit organization with limited staff, then, mail house is the best bet.

Letter shop services: Letter shop services focus on the content of your brochures. They don’t let your brochures be dismissed as junk mail. They have an excellent team of copywriters to create the best content for your community mailers. They offer topnotch printing services so that your brochures don’t look ordinary.

Quality and Confidentiality

This service provider closely monitors the performance of your mailing efforts. They keep track of your efforts so as to achieve the highest success rate. They are completely trustworthy and you can be sure about the confidentiality of your efforts. They will not leak important information to your competitors or third parties. With this service provider, you can expect the best rate of return in terms of sales and they also help in building good rapport with the customers. They possess good industry knowledge and are experts in the area of direct mailing.

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