Spring Clean Your Home Inspection Marketing


All businesses need to market themselves. It is a simple fact that if you do not promote yourself and your product or service then no one will know you are available to do business with. Along with the theme of Spring Cleaning is the thought of cleaning up the marketing efforts that you do.

Hopefully you have kept track of the ads and marketing that you have done in the past. With each of those marketing methods you should have also kept record of the cost and the results of each marketing piece you did home inspection Colorado Springs. If you did then you can now judge which marketing efforts produced the best results and of course which marketing efforts produced very little or nothing at all.

If you did not keep track then you are at risk to make bad decisions in the marketing that you will do in the future. Advertising is often the most expensive part of running a business. This is why it amazes me that many small business owners do not keep track of the results of any marketing or advertising that they do.

To keep track you need to begin by asking clients where they heard or you or got your contact information. Without this you can not be sure where the client came from. I make it a point to ask every home inspection client how they found me. Approximately 90 percent of the time it is the result of a referral from either a real estate agent or from a past client. This is valuable information. I now know who to send a thank you to. This lets the person who referred me know that I appreciate it.

If you run an ads in various places you need a way of tracking this also. It is easy to know where you clients got your “coupon”. To know this there are a couple of ways. If you are running identical ads in different publications then you can place a small code in the corner of the ad which identifies to you form what publication the coupon was placed.

What ever marketing methods you have been doing it is important that you learn how to track the results. A very simple graph is all that is needed. On the paper identify the marketing activity such as “ad in community paper”. Also next to that write down the cost of that activity. As the results come in you write down the dollars of business brought in by that activity. If the results are better than the cost, then you know that it makes sense to do it again. If the results are lower than the cost then either do not do it again or alter the ad some and test it again.

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