Laser Printers Turn Your Office Into a Print Shop


With the affordability and flexibility of laser printers, you have the opportunity to turn your small office into the next best thing to your very own print shop, creating crisp, clear reports, presentations, spreadsheets and promotional material at a fraction of the cost of sending the work out to a third party. By using laser printers, your text will look professionally done, with the added bonus of being in full control of your final product.

Because laser printers are now more affordable than ever and come in smaller, compact sizes, every home office or small business can make the switch and enjoy the benefits of less expensive printing costs. Imagine the difference you can make in your business by bringing some of your print jobs in house. You can make full use of all of your creative talents while keeping your budget under control .

In fact, the simplicity and multi-function capabilities of laser printers can even help you start up your own desktop publishing business, allowing you to move out of the daily grind and become your own boss. Desktop publishers have a wide range of projects they can produce for other businesses, as well as materials to advertise their own availability.

Desktop publishers produce a variety of projects with client logos, including postcards, banners, signs and even reports or printed labels to be used on other objects. With bright labels sporting client logos, an entire storefront or small office can be instantly transformed into a fully coordinated professional looking space quickly and efficiently. By offering customized printing services, you can work with either online clients or even local clients, expanding your market to whatever level you want.

Laser printers can be purchased for around $100 for a black and white printer and $200 for a color printer. While the cost of the printer is higher than many ink jet printers, the savings comes in operating costs. Because laser printers use toning powder rather than ink cartridges, the costs are much lower than ink jet printers are. Typically, an ink jet printer will cost approximately $.08 per page or more, while a laser printer can produce the same text – usually at a higher quality – for about $.02 per page. It is easy to see how those savings add up if you are producing any level of volume. You don’t need to replace toner cartridges nearly as often as ink jet cartridges, so in addition to saving money, you have the convenience of needing supplies less often.

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