How to Legally Get Your Michigan Medical Marijuana Registry ID Card


The brand new Michigan medical marijuana regulations allow say approved patients to create to 1-2 plants and possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

It is really rather easy if you just follow the following measures:

The very first step would be receiving a health recommendation by an avowed Michigan physician. You may want to be identified as having a few of those nation approved health ailments hospitalized with bud. Once your physician agrees with a recommendation, then you’ll want to get them complete the ”

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Certification” form saying which states qualify to get the usage of medical marijuana. This advice can be found at SECTION D – CERTIFYING PHYSICIAN INFORMATION of this Michigan Medical Marijuana Packet.
Second, you want to finish the “Registry Application” form together with most one’s overall data that is accurate. Make sure you totally complete the application form using honest advice. Any mistakes with this form can cause your whole application to be lost. This advice should be entered to SECTION A – APPLICANT/PATIENT advice of this Michigan Medical Marijuana Packet
Third, you’ll want to compose a test in the sum of $100 payable to “State of Michigan – MMMP”. If you’re enrolled in Medicare, this number has been paid down to $25.
This measure is required in the event that you’ll soon be designating a principal care giver during the time of application. You have to think about whether you wish to designate a person as your principal care giver which makes them solely accountable for providing you bud or in the event that you’re going to likely be growing your own bud. If a main care giver visit SECTION B – PRIMARY CAREGIVER.
The second step would be calling and signing the application form at the base which fundamentally Requires the Michigan Department of Community Health to discharge your own name and arrival to police force only as long as the officer has provided that the MDCH together with your particular legal registration amount.
The last step will likely soon be amassing all records together in 1 envelope in addition to the application fee. Make sure you make photo copies of what before sending.

You’ll get a note either denying or approving that your Michigan Medical Marijuana application. When the state determines the application was faulty, then you’ll get a professional letter by their condition of Michigan affirming your refusal. You have 12 months to improve application errors and re apply without being forced to cover any extra fees.

In the event the Michigan Department of Community Health approves the application, any office would process your petition in the sequence in that it had been received. Once processed, then the individual and care giver will probably be sent a formal Michigan Medical Marijuana Registry ID Card.

That is all there’s to it! For those who have successfully done all of the essential paper work and also have a qualifying condition, then you definitely should not have any trouble having the official Michigan Medical Marijuana Registry ID Card. All that is left is to discover your origin…

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