Meet Davao City’s Most Humble ‘Art Guru,’ Kublai


From time to time, we have a tendency to be quite naive – constantly complaining that which we do not enjoy, constantly wanting what we do not have, and constantly wanting what we (really) already had, perhaps not understanding that we have the capability to do and get things we thought impossible previously.

Kublai Ponce Millan has certainly shown.

Understanding Kublai

Rey Mudjahid Ponce Milan or largely Called Kublai Ponce Millan is an exceptional performer in Davao City. He is the son of the proprietor of Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel – among the Davao greatest resorts. Even though a graduate of Fine Arts in the University of the Philippines Diliman, Kublai decided to devote his lifetime, producing appealing and life-changing artworks at Mindanao best hotel in davao.

He believes his soul and soul as his “directing flashlight” in producing artwork – his obras:

  • He sees matters differently that cannot be usually seen by other men and women.
  • He put matters into perspective by minding sculptures or some other artworks (whatever tools he’s).
  • He is a godlike art devotee; a one of a kind artist.
  • He enjoys arts over himself. And he uses his abilities in promoting the civilization of Mindanao, particularly the lifetime of “Indigenous men and women.”
  • He is an advocate of any peace effort. He calls his eye-popping sculptures as “Monuments of Peace.”

The Davao city tourism admits Kublai due to their relentless endeavors in artwork. His various advocacies that goal to boost peace and unity have come to be a “broadcasting force” of distinct art workshops, tourism promotions, environment awareness programs and so on from the neighborhood landscape.

Wish to see his artworks? Take a Look at a number of these in almost any  Davao Tourist Areas.

No SPOON, zero Sculptures?

You might have been astounded by a number of Davao’s colossal monuments. There’s that enormous captivating “Durian” sculpture at Davao City’s International Airport. A stunning Philippine Eagle is also a significant attraction in People’s Park.

So what is his secret in minding these sculptures? Can he use any magical weapon? It is really not a mystery.

It is simply a ‘spoon’

“Have you considered using ‘spoon’ for sculpting? Kublai did”

Kublai is certainly not the person who keeps using “shortage of time and resources” as reasons why art can not be carried out. He does not require any innumerable luxurious stuff for carving his charming sculptures, particularly for drawing his or her feelings. He simply uses a spoon. That is it.

The point is, even if you would like to do artwork, do it anything you’ve got. Make it happen!

The Quest of an Artist

The best quest for saying does not just need any staffs to be gifted or skilled. Although Kublai is gifted and proficient, because of him, these variables are useless if his drive to make art is to become popular – a huge NO!

Kublai considers that producing artwork ought to be anchored with internal drive, enthusiasm, creativity, and imagination whatever the tools available, not only a push to become renowned.

If you would like to produce and say, go outside and make it REAL! Do not rely on something unknown or await a wonder.

“We strive to create peace really intriguing by turning them in to artworks and temples”

– Kublai (Artist) Want to view more of his artworks? Take a Look at a number of these when you see Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel.

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