Off Road Tires Keep You On Track


Driving off road is an exhilarating experience, whether you’re driving a 4×4 truck, SUV, or all terrain vehicle. The ability to reach places regular vehicles could never approach makes the off road experience an inimitable one. In order to enjoy that experience, though, it’s important you have adequate tires on your vehicle. What makes a tire a good off road tire, and which is the best best off road tire for daily driver

A common mistaken impression is that the size of the tire is what distinguishes regular tires from off roading tires. While larger tires typically are beneficial for off road applications, size is not the defining factor. One of the main distinctions between standard tires and off roading ones is the depth of the tread. For off road recreation, tires are thicker and have deeper treads than standard tires. This aids in traction, as well as in preventing damage to the tires.

Off road tires come in two main varieties. Bias off road tires have a variable tread pattern, allowing them to dig into the mud and dirt more. Their construction arranges the ply cords that provide the tire’s support at 30 to 40 degree angles, and they are kept at a relatively low air pressure. This makes for better self-cleaning, which means they’ll shed mud and residue and stay effective as you use them.

The other alternative is radial off road tires. These are the tires most people are more familiar with, as virtually all road tires are radial. Radial tires are built with the ply wires that form the tire’s support arranged at right angles from the center. They are used at a higher air pressure than bias. This gives them greater support and a much smoother ride on pavement. They also perform competitively off road in all but the most extreme circumstances. In exchange for this versatility, they also command a higher price.

So which off road tires are best for your needs? That depends. If you plan to put your tires on a vehicle that you’ll only be driving off road, or you plan to do more extreme off roading where every bit of traction matters, then bias tires are a good fit for your needs. On the other hand, if your off road vehicle will be spending much time on the roads, you’ll be better served by radial off road tires. They’ll be more expensive, but you won’t mind when you’re on the road.

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