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As you walk into the unit, are you met with a bland neutrality? Do you see faded paint, scuff marks, outdated color schemes, cheap hollow-core doors, nail holes in the walls, worn carpeting, torn linoleum, old-fashioned light fixtures, cracked wall switch plates, or stained sinks? If you answer yes to any or all of these questions, great!

You’ve found an easy way to create value. Pay Attention to Kitchens and Baths To wow your tenants, bring in Martha Stewart to redo the kitchens and baths. Flip through the pages of those many kitchen and bath magazines. Look for that right combination of materials and colors that will create a light, bright, cheerful, and inviting look. Eliminate those harvest gold appliances, the chipped and stained sinks, and that cracked glass in the shower door Download Free.

When you focus for 10 seconds on each ingredient in these rooms, you notice everything that blends together to give these rooms their overall flavor. Throughout the entire apartment, details count. But they especially count in the kitchens and bathrooms. The right pizzazz in the kitchens and bathrooms can transform a ho-hum unit into a showplace. How much will this transformation cost? If you spent $25,000 to remodel your own kitchen, you may think pizzazz in a rental unit would break the bank. Not true. You can accomplish showcase makeovers with an outlay of between $2,000 and $5,000. You can replace sinks, cabinetry hardware, toilet bowls, and toilet seats for relatively little money. As to cabinetry, often a refinish (not a full replacement) can achieve your goals. Cleanliness Generates Profi ts Do you want to attract tenants who will care for your properties? Then thoroughly clean the units as if a drill sergeant were about to perform a white glove inspection.

Do not think “rental property.” Think “home.” Clean everywhere. Remove the dirt, dust, cobwebs, and dead bugs from all corners, baseboards, light fixtures, and shelving. Pull out all kitchen drawers. Dump the bread crumbs and other accumulated debris. Wipe them clean. All windows and mirrors should sparkle and shine. Look closely for grime in the shower and shower door tracks. Scrape the rust out of the medicine cabinets and repaint where necessary. Eliminate all foul odors. The apartment should not only look fresh and clean; it should smell fresh and clean.

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