Royal Secrets, the Essex Ring and a Queen of England Exposed


George II – that the king that shot out his temper for his wig!

If George II was angry or cross – that had been fairly regularly – that his head could turn red, his eyes will bulge plus he’d grab his wig off, postage about it and then kick it round the space. He had been a short, stout, covetous, pernickety and incredibly irascible man who was simply perhaps not too attractive in any way facelift essex.

Tudor Mummy – that the Queen that put indecently exposed for 200 decades!

She had been buried with much pomp and position at Westminster Abbey, at which based on this habit of this moment, her wooden effigy had been taken until her coffin.
After Henry VII was building his own amazing chapel that her coffin was found decayed and Catherine’s body was placed in a wooden box and then placed close her Henry’s tomb, even where its ‘badly apparelled’ nation was abandoned available to the inquisitive gaze. She stayed indecently exposed for 200 decades and it had been your popular game for the boys of Westminster School to throw pieces of her bone and skin.

She had been reburied at 1776, however it was not until 1878 that she’d your final resting place at the Chapel of Henry V.

Samuel Pepys recorded in his famous journal that about his 36th birthday in 1669, when Catherine have been dead 200 decades, he’d knelt down and kissed Queen Catherine’s brow.

Elizabeth I will be well known to have had lots of favourites however it really is Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, whose name still resides with hers despite the fact that she had been 33 years his senior. It’s stated that she offered him a ring which comprised a cameo picture of himself, like a token of her gratitude for beating the Spanish in Cádiz. He told him, if ever he had been in peril or when she ever dropped out of favour with her, to send it for her like a reminder of her debt to him. The intruder Essex delivered the ring out of his cell at the Tower of London, however it’s said that a covetous enemy ceased its delivery and also the Queen never received it.
Elizabeth has been thought to have cried for days, also eventually became angry at the mere mention of the name for the remainder of her entire life.
The “Essex Ring” was came back into Elizabeth, three years too late and has been placed directly under glass and then allowed in the side of the grave. It was later removed and will be understood at the memorial in Westminster Abbey.

In temper Elizabeth I had been random, twisted, and enthusiastic. After her blood was up, she’d swear like a trooper, spit onto a courtier’s brand new velvet suit, be at her maids of honour, and ship Essex’s ears. She wrote violent and profane letters into high Church dignitaries, and that she publicly uttered the wife of Archbishop Parker, as she failed to have confidence at a married clergy.

After Henry VII was widowed, he toyed with the notion of marrying Jane of Castille – Europe’s wealthiest woman, (referred to as Crazy Jane) however he left the program after detecting that the embalmed body of her first husband, Phillip, travelled anywhere with her.
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