Security turnstiles are available in SAELA Co


Security turnstiles are offered in SAELA Co, SAELA has manufactured the turnstile gates since 2001. Security turnstile was designing and manufacturing high excellent security services and products for audience control. SAELA is very special about effective effectiveness of its products.
The high reliability of SAELA security turnstile are demonstrated at hundreds of installations in 3 countries all over the globe. SAELA pays special interest to the effective operation of the services and products sold Turnstile gate. Installed standalone, tripod turnstile is provided a basic access control solution operated with handheld remote control. Integrated with access control strategies and credit system, these high excellent entry control services and products can provide a degree of security to meet even the most rigorous requirements. To create passageways of some necessary configurations and create an entrance design intact, SAELA turnstile gates may be set up as well as fitting railings of different types. As a result of this low power requirement, the turnstiles are given safe operating voltage.

SAELA produces a wide variety of security turnstiles, turnstile gates and railings to meet a variety of requirements to design, size and degree of security.
– built in controller board or remote controller device supplied as standard
– models for outdoor and indoor application (under refuge)
– high throughput speed
– Bi Directional passage control
– LED directional sign / status lights
– protected supply voltage 24V
– key override control for emergency Conditions
– inertia-free and easy spinning mechanism
Turnstile gates give effective means for jet flow management at admissions of manufacturing centers, administrative arrangements, company offices, universities, college campuses, stadiums, leisure and exercise facilities, entertainment parks and zoos, shopping outlets. SAELA produces a vast variety of turnstile railings and gates to meet different requirements to create, size and degree of security.

SAELA T100 turnstile gate, is easily to integrate with other read/write apparatus and systems, can meet functions like entry control, time attendance, pedestrian volume controller etc.. T-100 is suitable for outdoor problems. It is widely used for applications including university, stadium, organization, fitness center, amusement parksand bus station, library, mill and etc..
SAELA T101 turnstile gate includes bridge kind. It used to restrain jet flow and track presence. Some times bridge type arrangement is better than other kinds of turnstile gates and it depends on your own standing gate. It’s commonly used in factories, offices, collegesand etc. and library.
SAELA T102 turnstile gate with its streamlined design the T102 might be applied in entrance points of numerous configurations. The T102 can be controlled by the remote control panel comprised in a standard shipping group or even a radio handheld remote controller (Instantly) and can be easily integrated into most access control systems.
SAELA T105 Turnstile gate offer dissuasive automatic access management for websites with heavy use. The T105 Turnstile gate has motorize module. It’s commonly utilised in offices, factories, colleges, etc. and library.
SAELA T106 Turnstile gate may effortlessly control high volume human traffic (up to 30 persons per minutes). After each passing the barrier arms have been mechanically came back to home standing

a self-centering mechanism. T106 is suitable for indoor air.
SAELA T107 Turnstile gate may be the newest our products. SAELA T107 is automatic gate.

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