Significance of Spoken English


We live in the world of communication, where communication may be defined as “the activity or process of expressing ideas and feeling, and of delivering information to people”. Communication occurs through the medium of language and it is presented in two different forms viz, written and spoken. The ability to communicate in a language reflects a person’s personality, self-image, and knowledge of the world, ability to reason and skills to express thoughts in real time. However spoken language skills often score more in terms of utility over written skill, given the fact that verbal communication is generally more frequently used than written..

In the context of today’s world, due to the global trend of internationalization, the ability to communicate in English is regarded as an essential skill. English today is the global standard in communication. You need to socialize, have better communication, or hearing the tone of someone’s voice make you comprehend what they are trying to say clearer. In addition, whenever the international exchange happens, the use of spoken English entails Improve Spoken English.

However, it is not always an easy task for people who use English as a second language to be able to speak at the level as a native speaker. They have to perfectly understand the phonetics of English, have a strong grasp on proper vocabulary and be able to place words together intelligently and without hesitation in forming comprehensible sentences. Moreover, they also have to perceive what is being said to them and need to be able to respond appropriately to establish ambient relations or to accomplish their communicative goal. In other words, comprehension skills are vital to effective English communication. Non-native English speakers often encounter these barriers and they are subject to make mistakes at large. Furthermore, from an insight recollection of my personal experience, there have been many occasions that caused embarrassment and miscommunication owing to imperfect command on English.

Spoken English communication is a vital selection parameter for many job roles today. Profiles like sales, client servicing, front office jobs require good English speaking skills at large irrespective of sectors or industries. Many deserving candidates lose out on jobs because they might not be so good at English speaking skills.

The key elements that impede effective English communication comprise of insufficient knowledge of grammatical skills, unorganized reading and comprehension skills, poor vocabulary and phonetics. Mother tongue influence is also a major deterrent in mastering the spoken English art for many.

As an overall and fine note, gear on your bags and go whole hog acing English speaking. There are many training centers today which offer English speaking courses. Also there are plenty of books and audio video tutorials available for the same. Some companies in India are also coming up with tests which adjudge the spoken English skills of people and help them understand and rectify their areas of improvement effectively. The practice, which is already popular in the West is gradually picking pace in India. Don’t forget you can change the way you speak only if you are willing to put some effort into it.

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