Living and Teaching in Bangkok


Education in Thailand, Bangkok

The students are nearly entirely well motivated, honest, wellbehaved and success oriented. They’re from families who are challenging, who value education and who are keen on academic progress.

Most schools in Thailand employ advocates that are able to sort out display work, photocopying and so on so that you can get on with the task of teaching.

Whilst the others follow the American program or I.B.

A regular school day will begin at around 8.30 in the morning สมัครเรียน ราชภัฏ finish at 2.30 in the afternoon for Primary age kids. Nursery will typically end at 2pm. A lunch break of an hour typically occurs from noon till 1pm isalso, during that period and between 3 and 4pm club activities usually happen.

These activities are normally very diverse and play an important role within the International Schools. The college year is by the middle of August to the end of June with schools usually closing for two months. Most schools follow with a conventional three semester year.

Living in Bangkok

Located in South East Asia Bangkok can be a friendly place to live and work and that means that you may be guaranteed to be made very welcome and will get new friends easily. People in Bangkok are used to foreigners and are only too pleased to exercise their English on you personally.

Much was said of their people in Bangkok, and whilst it could be quite hectic there are ways for this; choose the best time to travel when you can stay away from the rush, use the bus and mass transit system (both which are great ).

The standard of living for teachers is extremely good; your money will likely go a long way ensuring that you will have enough to pay at weekends and during the holidays to traveling around the spot.

In terms of the cost of residing in Bangkok well it will very much rely on the kind of lifestyle you desire. Broadly speaking it is possible to have a top standard of living to what this kind of wages will afford you straight back home.

It’s worth noting that tourist places which attract Western tourists particularly have a tendency to charge more to get food and beverage etc.. For all anyone of you who like tinkering with different sorts of food, then you are never away from some kind of food outlet may it be one of many superb Thai or even international restaurants, or trying food exactly the Thai way from one of those numerous road stalls, there is something for everybody and pockets.

Evening entertainment in Bangkok is diverse and wide with something to match everybody. For those who like loads of delight you can choose from nightclubs and music venues.

For those of you thinking about game why don’t you join one of the several fitness centers or delight in a episode of Thai boxing.

Bangkok is a tropical country with a very humid and hot climate. The most recent time is between March and could where the temperatures could reach 40degC. Throughout that period you can find brief but frequent downward pours which cause localized flooding


There is therefore much to see and do in Bangkok therefore these are just a couple of these places of interest you’ll discover here. Beautiful temples can be found all over Bangkok the high caliber of decoration is to be honored. One of the most impressive is probably Wat Pho it houses the biggest statue of Buddha it’s also renowned for teaching Thai massage.

It’s the place to stay for backpackers but has come to be an attraction alone. Below you will find affordable restaurants, bars, hotelsand market stores and shops. It is actually a place where East meets West and is a lively road if you move through the day or nighttime.

The National Museum houses a superb collection of historical and art displays. The exhibits comprise a fascinating display of musical instruments together side wood carvings and sculptures out of throughout Thailand’s history. Nearby is The National Gallery. The construction is split into two separate parts, one of which houses conventional art and the contemporary section houses examples of cubism among others.

An excursion to see that the Royal Barges is essential. These are the barges that are used only for Royal river processions. They are exquisitely and richly decorated, each barge sports a various mythical head. The shopping experience from Bangkok is a must for many pockets and tastes.

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