Extreme Home Fitness Exercise Secrets For Maximum Body Building


Look at yourself in the mirror. You’ve decided that you’re ready to go from general fitness and step up into extreme home fitness. Exercise changes dramatically when you start maximum body building. Who has the kind of body you’d like to have? Consider the options available to you in your plan for physical fitness. What are the exercise secrets to bulk up to an optimal, massive physique?

Your workout will require that you build in the following proven secrets for tearing down and rebuilding your muscles so that you’ll achieve the maximum in body building.

Number one… Figure out your goal. How will you ever get there if you don’t know where you’re going? Do you have a target bicep size? Waist size? Body mass index?

You already know that body building is not an “overnight” practice. It will take you in all likelihood hundreds of hours of work to experience the ripped physique you want.

How are you going to maintain the enthusiasm you have right now? It is not all that difficult. You’re going to make a plan and stick to the plan.

Remember that muscle growth takes time. Therefore, it takes patience. Changing your plan or your routine simply because it’s not fast enough for you will, in all probability set you back in your progress integratori fitness.

I know you want to succeed. You want massive success. Fine.

Then start with a plan. Know in advance what you’re going to do; know when you’re going to do it; know how you’ll look when you’re there.

Number two… master the basics. There are three fundamental exercises for weight training that will virtually guarantee extreme home fitness exercise success.

These are the dead lift, the bench press, and the squat. You get these ‘bad boys’ down and you’ll be rocking.

The obvious benefits of these exercises are that they are about the only allowable shortcut to body building. They’re not really shortcuts. They are together the shortest route to direct and efficient conditioning, strength development, and hard-core body building.

These are not new. They are very old-school. People do them because they work.

Number three… insist on pushing yourself to the limit.

Your exercise plan should be set up such that by the end of your third set each of your exercises pushes your muscles so hard that the even one more rep is impossible due to muscle fatigue.

Consider this: start with a three set exercise (squats, for example) with such a load that will fail to complete the third set.

This means, for example, that in your first set you would do 12 reps. Your second set would be 12 reps. Your third set should fail somewhere around the tenth rep due to muscle fatigue.

That kind of failure is good news because you’ve pushed yourself to the limit. This is complete tear-down of the muscle and will stimulate your body to grow back more muscle tissue.

Number four… speaking of growing back more muscle tissue… Body building requires major dietary management.

As a rule, you are going to have difficulty building muscle if you’re simultaneously dieting to lose weight.

It is far more effective to feed the muscle, and work the muscle, than it is to attempt to starve the fat off. Building up of muscle actually accelerates your metabolism which burns fat off.

Now, to be sure, no two bodies are alike, so you should work up your body building nutrition plan with a dietitian or your doctor.

Above all, because you’re tearing down those muscles, watch your consumption of protein and keep it up.

Number five… SLEEP.

Huh? What? Are you kidding? No. I’m not kidding. Your body needs time to repair and replenish itself. You cannot work your body 24 hours a day. Your muscles need to recover. They need to repair. It is counter-productive to rob them of rest.

Seriously. A lack of recovery time will slow your progress. Remember what I said before about patience.

Put yourself through an extreme home fitness exercise, then get your rest.

Maximum body building consists of these hidden secrets: make a plan, work the plan, concentrate on the exercises that will do you the most good, Fail in your third rep, watch your diet, get some rest.

Once you’ve learned these extreme home fitness exercise secrets — and put them to work — you’ll achieve body building success.

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