How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner For Your Home


Often one finds himself shivering in the dead of night waking up only to switch off the AC or sometimes sweating only to go and sleep right below the AC. These are the common problems that are faced by common people who buy an AC without much consideration for the requirements and without any knowledge of the different types of AC’s. On a broad range there are three different types of AC’s. Now, before buying any of these AC’s one must check for the area to be cooled, and the design which will complement the aesthetics of the room and only then must the features that an AC offers must be considered bosch air conditioner.

The first type is the window air conditioner which is the most common one and seen in most of the homes. This is mostly recommended for cooling single rooms. In this type of AC, all the components such as compressor, expansion valve or coil, evaporator, condenser and the cooling coil are all fitted into a single box. This unit is then fitted in a slot made in the wall of the room, which is usually a part of the window.

The second type is commonly called the split AC. True to its name, the AC comes in two parts. One indoor part contains the evaporator and the cooling fan, whereas the outdoor part contains the compressor, condenser, and the expansion valve. The main advantage of this type over the window model is that no slot needed to be made in the walls. A small hole is made to connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit with two pipes. This type is effective in cooling even two rooms and with newer models, it can add to the aesthetics of the room.

The third type is the packaged AC. This model is recommended if the number of rooms to cool is more than 2, or if the room to be cooled contains a larger free space. There are further two types of AC in this model. The first one contains all the components in a single unit, and a powerful blower, blows the cool air through ducts that are laid through various rooms. The second type has the compressor and condenser in a single unit, and individual units in various rooms contain the expansion valve and a cooling coil. This arrangement helps in passing compressed gasses through the individual units in order to cool the rooms.

This is also called the central AC. This is popularly used to cool huge buildings, halls, offices, gyms, hotels, etc. This is cheaper when one considers the large space that is being cooled. It contains a single big compressor which is cheaper than having multiple compressors.

Now to check for the right power AC for a room, one must know the room area and that cooling power of an AC is measured in BTU’s. About 9000 BTU is required for a 250 square feet room and 14000 for a 500 square feet room. Apart from cooling, the next parameter for a good AC is its additional features such as heating a room during winter, dehumidifying, or simply ventilating the air inside. The next parameter is to look for features that make its operation user friendly such as the provision of remote control, LCD display, programmable timer, air direction control, eco-friendly refrigerant, anti-rusting body parts, purification of air inside the room, etc.

New model of AC’s that are fast catching up are the ones that are portable. It is easy to install and requires less installation work and can be installed in any part of the room. This can also be transferred to any part of the room when necessary. The two main types of portable AC’s are those which require draining of the internal water tank at periodic times and those that do not have any water tank to drain as the water is evaporated with the exhaust. The choice is mainly dependent on where one might want to exhaust the AC. If it is exhausted through the window then an evaporative unit would be fine.

With such a wide range of AC’s the consumers are spoilt for choice, but it still remains that an intelligent choice must be made. A thorough research of the requirement for the room and the budget will help in narrowing the choice of AC’s and help in making a better choice.

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