Guangzhou Clothes Wholesale Markets


A decision of buying clothes from Guangzhou wholesale market should not be off the cuff. You should ponder over who will be your target audience and how much lot is enough for you to avoid a stockpile. You will find various shops; stroll down the market and have a glance on a different variety of clothes. Decide which one you will buy for your customers; ask prices and pick up the one that offers you at affordable prices. Ensure you’re buying high-quality clothes. Here’s a list of top clothes wholesale market in Guangzhou.
Guangzhou Shisanhang clothing wholesale market: There are two most famous buildings – the New China Building and the Hongbiantian Building. Both markets sell clothes at retail and wholesale prices. You will find apparels for men, women and kids Guangzhou wholesale market. Being a trader, you should be cautious of buying clothes as Guangzhou market offers you apparels from low quality to high-quality. The shop opens in wee hours and closes after midnight so you can visit the market anytime. You will find cheap clothes from secondhand to fresh one.
Gaodijie wholesale market: The Gaodijie wholesale market is one of the largest wholesale markets. It attracts thousands of customers every day, it is said to have helped develop Beijing Road into the most popular pedestrian street today. You will find everything such as socks, underpants, swimwear, leisure clothes etc.
First tunnel clothing wholesale center: This is an underground wholesale market. The First Tunnel Clothing Wholesale Center has over 1200 shops. The market consists of lots of sections including trendy women’s wear, men’s clothing, Korean styles, leisure wear, local leisure wear, Children’s clothes, socks and underpants. You will find these apparels from reasonable to higher prices.
New China Building: Another largest wholesale market in Guangzhou is the New China Building. You will find high-end fashionable products. Most of them will be mimic of branded products. This market is best known for woolen clothes. If you are looking for buying winter clothes, take a round in this market and buy some exciting collections. Most dealers are Koreans and hence Korean-style clothes proliferate in the market.

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