ADT Home Security – From Sending Telegrams to State of the Art Security Systems


What do you think the following have in common: fire alarms, burglar alarms and telegram delivery services? You might be forgiven for thinking ‘not much’. If you look at the modest beginnings of ADT home security, you will find that there is a link though.

During the latter part of the 19th century there were a large number of small telegram delivery services doing business in the USA. To enable them to make use of economies of scale, all of them amalgamated in 1874 and formed a single company called American District Telegraph, or ADT. The company’s main business was still to deliver telegrams real telegram members.

With the ever increasing popularity of telephones, the market for telegrams started to dwindle. The company went through difficult times and wasn’t able to find alternative sources of income. This led to it being taken over by AT&T during the first few months of 1909.

Now they had sufficient capital behind them to start a process of diversification and they soon ventured into burglar alarms and fire alarms. This led to exponential growth in the US market. During the ‘fifties they also moved into the United Kingdom Market and from there to numerous other countries. Right now the company has branches or franchises in over 50 countries around the world.

ADT derives most of its profits from installing, maintaining and monitoring alarm systems. Something that lures a lot of customers to them is the fact that they don’t normally charge an initial fee when installing an alarm system on your premises. You sign a fixed length contract and everything is included in your monthly payment.

When you have an ADT alarm installed on your premises and it’s triggered, whether by someone breaking in, a fire, a medical emergency or manual activation, the signal goes to one of their control rooms. There it is evaluated by a monitoring specialist and he then takes the appropriate action. Depending on what type of signal was received, he will either phone you back, or directly contact the police, fire brigade or medical services.

If you are therefore living on your own and you suffer from a life-threatening medical condition, you can have a special system installed which will respond to any medical need that might arise.

Should you have a large house with a lot of valuable property, you most likely want to monitor it visually on a permanent bases. The company will then fit a home video surveillance system at your premises which is connected to their control room seven days a week. This way you can rest assured that ADT is aware what’s going on both inside and outside your house at all times.

The company can most likely ascribe a large part of their success during the past hundred years to the fact that new employees are trained to meticulous standards. Knowing what to do in an emergency situation is of the utmost importance. They also have written rules on how employees should handle certain situations.

Another factor contributing to their success is the fact that ADT Home Security only utilizes state of the art technology in their security systems. For the home owner this should bring peace of mind, knowing that his property is protected by the best there is, not by a system already known inside out by every burglar in town.

Find the right home security system to place in your home. With alarm monitoring you can keep your home and family safe. Head online today and find out more.

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