The way to Use the Sex Calender


According to legend that the Chinese sex calendar has been discovered in an ancient tomb about 700 to 900 years past. Ever since that time, it has been used as an instrument to predict the sex of a child before he or she had been born. In fact, there are no warranties that this calendar functions all of the time for every single couple expecting a child. The best quote for its efficacy is approximately 50 percent to 90 percent of precision. Regardless of this uncertainty and also the presence of ultrasound technologies, utilizing the Chinese sex calendar nevertheless looks interesting for couples to perform until they welcome their little bundle of pleasure.

The Chinese Calendar vs the Gregorian Calendar

Contrary to the Gregorian calendar, which we are using now, the Chinese calendar follows the lunar cycle instead of the solar system. For people who are interested in understanding their lunar arrival date, then take a look at the Gregorian-Lunar Calendar Conversion Table supplied by the Hong Kong Observatory. According to the table, a girl born July 6, 1977 about the Gregorian calendar includes a lunar birthday about the day of the sixth lunar month in the year of the Snake (Ding-si). On the other hand, the usage of this conversion table gets perplexing for those uninitiated to Chinese lore. The next best thing to do would be to use a calendar conversion tool given by many sites chinese gender chart.

Exactly what the Chinese Gender Calendar Resembles

Most of us know that the Chinese celebrate their New Year in the middle of January. So, any girl born before that date is really a year younger than that which her age needs to be determined by the Gregorian calendar. After she and her spouse conceives, she is able to predict the sex of her baby during the sex chart according to her lunar age as well as the lunar date of the infant’s conception. The columns list the twelve months while the rows variety from 18 into 45, which positions the ages of child-bearing ladies. The boxes are colors in blue or pink that indicates the sex of the infant.

The Way to Use the Chinese Gender Calendar

If the girl knows her sunken era, then she is able to assess the calendar by signing up the month where she guessed her infant and assess that against her era. A pink box means she is likely to have a baby girl as a blue one means it is likely to become a baby boy. It might not be an ideal system, but it is also possible to use this to pick the sex of your child. In cases like this, you and your spouse should have regular sex during these days when you are fertile. Pick the lunar month that is most conducive to your baby boy (or a baby girl, if that is what the couple needs).

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