What Is A Wusthof Chef Knife?


Most people tend to think that a chef knife resume to professional cutting knifes. It’s not wrong to see things that way, but we are basically talking about kitchen knives that were originally created for chopping up beef. Later on, we started to use them for cutting not only meat, but vegetables as well. Slicing, mincing, chopping and cutting, as well as disjointing vegetables and various sorts of meat is the purpose of a chef’s knife.

Depending on the type of blade, there are two styles of knives: the French one and the German one, which is the main concern of this chef’s knife review.

The Wusthof chef knives belong to the second category of knives. To keep it simple, the knife is made of carbon steel. Most chefs avoid it because this type of blade tends to get rusty, it stains and corrodes. The Wusthof chef’s knife, on the other hand is specially designed so that it would resist to stains and corrosion, as well as rust.

The main advantage that these blades provide is that they retain their edge a long time (so they don’t need to be sharpened frequently), but this particular one does it better. It manages to retain its edge 30 % longer than other, which is another good thing Santoku Knife.

If we were to describe it, we ought to mention that its blade is pretty long and (as any other German knife); its blade is curved along the entire cutting edge. The handle is made of polymer, so it will serve you with loyalty in the kitchen, not to mention that it assures a good grip.

In terms of performances, the Wusthof chef knife is one of the reliable chef’s knives. It is sturdy and loyal. When testing it, there are two things we enjoyed the most: the entirely curved edge (because it cuts well from a large number of angles) and its handle (which resulted to be pretty comfortable, despite our expectations). What could disappoint you at it is that it tends to get darker, but that will happen after a long usage. If this is not a problem for you and you are one of those persons who are looking for a reliable knife, than this could be the best chef knife for you.

The cost of the Wusthof chef knife is almost 73 Euros, but this is the price listed on the site of the company, but it can reach the double of this value in stores. What you get is a tradition knife (because Wusthof has been making chef knives for seven generations), as well as a sturdy one.

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