The Appeal of Retro Furniture and the Reason it is Coming Back

You’re redoing your home and you’re not afraid to express yourself in bold and unconventional ways. So what design style do you choose? This is where the retro design style will be entirely appropriate.

If you’re unsure of what retro style is, it’s a style that came out of the 1950s, 60s and continued on into the 1970s. It was born of an exuberance over the end of the war and newer, modern materials were being invented such as Formica, melamine, loud prints were in and curvy lines were preferred vintage t shirts.

Retro allows you to express yourself the way you want to without fear of being frowned upon. If you want to go with a retro color scheme, avocado green and burnt orange were very often seen.

Apart from the freedom of expression that a retro design gives you, another reason that it is coming back into vogue is the nostalgic appeal it brings to a room. Those of us who can remember the cone lamps will feel very comfortable putting them in a retro influenced room as retro lamps.

The lamps aren’t the only retro furniture to be making a big reappearance with chairs and dining tables proving to appeal to the younger generation. A piece that used to be a status statement in the 1950s was the sideboard and it, too, is enjoying a comeback. The older look appeals because it is a look that is different to other furniture in modern stores. The lines and workmanship speaks of long-lasting endurance and dependability.

Retro design is all about a feeling of comfort that the style brings to a room and to the owners of the room. A desire to reach back to what is perceived to be a better, simpler time may also be another key to why retro furniture is being sought.

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