Great Fitness Gear for Getting Into Shape


Selecting the right fitness gear and equipment for getting into shape can be challenging. There are so many options.

Whether you’re a fitness newbie or pro, here are some great items to have for the gym or at home.

A Comfortable Pair of Shoes – A good pair of shoes will give you the necessary support needed for running, lifting weights and other exercises. Test several pairs of shoes when shopping to find the right fit.

A Water Bottle – Hydration is important whether you’re working out or you’re relaxing at home. Bring a water bottle to the gym, so you always have water nearby. When shopping for a water bottle, consider a steel bottle or a plastic bottle that is BPA free.

Socks – Having a good pair of socks are just as important as shoes. Without socks you’re leaving your feet open to the potential of blisters as well as athlete’s foot, an infection of the feet caused by fungus leggings.  If you don’t like wearing long athletic socks, consider getting no show socks.

Towel – A towel helps keep you dry as you’re working out. It also creates a barrier between you and the fitness equipment at your gym to protect against infections. If you’re using your own towel, be sure to use a fresh one every single visit. The same applies with your socks and clothes. Never wear dirty clothes.

Athletic Underwear – If you’re looking for a more comfortable experience when exercising at the gym, consider getting athletic underwear. Typically, the underwear is made from moisture wicking materials to keep you dry.

Music – Whether it’s an iPod or even a Walkman, music can help you tune out all of the distractions to focus in on your workout. Look for a music device that is small and compact and clips easily to your clothing. You don’t want to get something that’s going to get in your way.

Yoga Mats – Whether or not you do yoga, these mats can come in handy when you’re working out at home. They provide padding from the hard ground. These mats also give you a buffer to shield you from dirt and germs on the floor. Remember to regularly clean your mat to protect against bacteria.

Bicycle – A bicycle is a great form of alternative transportation. Plus it helps you burn calories. Instead of driving to the gym near your home, consider riding your bicycle. It’s great for workouts and outings with family and friends. Don’t forget to buy a helmet.

A Stop Watch – Having a device with stop watch capabilities can really help you with your workouts and training when you’re not at the gym. Consider investing in a sports watch so you can ensure you’re getting enough cardio when you’re working out outside or at home.

These are a few items that are perfect for helping you get into shape. Be sure to read reviews and test gear out before buying. Also consider talking with people at your gym for recommendations. You’ll typically get the best ideas from people at your health club.

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