The Many Uses of a Makeup Table


A makeup table covers many facets of the world. While some make think of the piece of furniture in the corner of the bedroom others are picturing backstage at the theater. In truth, both are right. It’s simply a matter of location and exactly what you are in need of. Some are simply mirrors and vanity tables. Others are surrounded by an array of lights and they are used to help determine the right level of stage makeup needed.

There are smaller makeup tables that are set up as interim for those performances that are not at a permanent location. These often are graced with portable mirrors outlined in lights. Some have multiple drawers in order to store the makeup in while still others require the makeup artist to place their supplies on the top. There are even portable versions for those on the go. Portable makeup tables are actually more of a kit. It opens up into a lighted mirror and a tray for the brushes and other supplies. It is hinged like a fishing tackle box. This is great for those that are in beauty pageants or that do a lot of theater work but have no regular place in which to apply makeup buy fake eyelashes.

A makeup table is not just for the theater. However it’s all about what type of lighting you need to create the perfect look. For those that are outside most of the time they will need the extra light to get just the right shades. Those that are in fluorescent lights all day may look into using just that. It’s all about the need and what works for that person.

Having a makeup table in your home is fine but they weren’t created just for the bedroom. They originally started with performers so that they could get just the correct shade of foundation, eye shadow, eye liner and lip stick. The lights were placed around the mirror to replicate the look of the stage spotlights. The creation of these makeup tables has created numerous shapes and sizes not only for theater performers but for movie actors, dancers, circus performers and so much more.

While actors use the makeup table on a daily basis on set, pageant women all over the world are using them as well. The portable versions have offered a great way to carry face supplies while adjusting to the difficulty of finding just the right lighting in the awkward dressing areas that pageant goers can often be subjected too.

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