A Review of the Infrashine 1″ Flat Iron


Infrashine flat irons aren’t cheap, costing round the same as other remarkable straighteners like GHD and CHI. So, earlier than you part with over one zero one dollars you may want to know how the Infrashine 1″ straightener compares to other manufacturers and whether it really is worth it’s not-so-cheap price tag. Here’s the low-down.

kinds known as UNIL flat irons, Infrashine has been re-introduced on the market. The new product line appears really great and the company guarantees that it’s range of irons still bring the same reliability, elements, buyer carrier and beautiful styling effects as before.

almost immediately, there are 3 sizes obtainable; 1/2, 1 and two inch. Of these, the 1″ inch is going to be the most popular choice as 1″ plates tend to be greatest suited for most hair lengths and types. So, let’s see what you get for your money Infrashine Flat Iron.

For starters, it really has been properly designed. It appears good and feels very comfortable to hold. It’s been ergonomically designed so that it can be used without making you believe drained. And, it has to be pointed out that it can provide on this; the shape of it fits completely into your hand and it weighs only 1.2lbs – considerably lighter than the usual 1″ CHI flat iron, that weighs 2lbs, and round the same weight as the CHI rapid model.

The Infrashine additionally has 5 heat settings, ranging from a hundred and forty – four hundred levels F. Most other manufacturers come with less heat settings and a narrower temperature range, so it ratings well on this point: the Ceriotti faster flat iron only has three settings.

The plates are made from PTFC (ceramic) heating features that radiate infrared heat that is designed to penetrate right into your hair to the middle, which not only reduces drying time however allow to lock in moisture.

typical, the Infrashine flat iron is an excellent styling tool and will convey great effects each time it’s used. even if, it’s a disgrace that the plates, although ceramic, aren’t lined in tourmaline. Most quality brands now make straighteners that use tourmaline as it’s confirmed to emit far more poor ions than ceramic – up to 5 times more. The bad ions are great for hair, aiding to lock in moisture into each hair shaft, thereby leaving hair even more bright and healthy looking.

If you’re looking for a well-made straightener that does bring near perfect effects then you should completely consider acquiring an Infrashine flat iron. It most likely lacks a few of the currency technical advances such as tourmaline and nano-silver however it rates very well in opposition to other manufacturers such as Solia, GHD, T3 and CHI flat irons. Most women, who own one, would never use any other model.

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