Finally a Good Self Cleaning Litter Box


The littermaid self cleaning can I acquired is the greatest item I have.

Let me tell you a little story.

I possess 2 cats who are both pretenders concerning the brand of pet cat clutter they make use of. Frequently they scratch the litter and poop out of package as well as around the area. It was annoying to tidy up after till an associate informed me to purchase a covered can. It seemed to be valuable at keeping the pet trash in package. Soon it ended up being a lot of work to unattach the cover whenever I wanted to scoop the litter box. A friend suggested me to search the net to obtain an automatic can. I didn’t recognize that kind of item was available. Later that week I sought out several types of self cleaning litter boxes and also I made a listing to offer with me to the pet shop. I searched through 4 shops and after that I ultimately discovered one. I can not recall the type of litterbox that I acquired. It was simple to put together as well as was battery operated. The pet cats didn’t like just how it looked, as well as they seemed to be terrified of the loud noise it made when it raked the trash. A week later on the pet cats started to make use of the new box. Three weeks later the self cleaning litter box stopped working. I telephoned the store I bought it from and also they would not replace it for me.

Following I got an automatic can from ScoopFree. They really self cleaning litter box did not wish to use this box since the cat trash had an odd scent. My pet cats made a decision not to utilize this new box as well as began bowel movement where ever they wanted. I had actually determined against self cleaning litter boxes, yet after that I saw a commercial for a different one. It was marketed by Littermaid and also the advertisement was really convincing. I assembled it in under five mins and I might use regular animal clutter in this box. The felines loved it. I’ve been using it for about 3 years as well as it is still working. I will certainly recommend to all feline owners that they ought to buy a self cleansing litter box to make their life simpler the way only an automatic can can.

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