How to Choose Mens Perfume?


The perfumes known as “ferns” perfumes have a lovely aromatic fragrance coming from the essence of one or more herbs: lavender, rosemary, sage…

For whom? For ultra-virile men.

The perfumes with fruity scents of fresh citrus bergamot, lemon, orange, grapefruit….

For whom? For those who thirst for freshness. The family of Oriental offers new perfume for men sophisticated and subtle-based exotic spices, amber, tobacco and vanilla.

For whom? For the seductive and romantic click here.

Woody fragrances are extracted from wood such as pine, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver…

For whom? For those who dream of adventure.

Fresh citrus and floral tones suit on most people that are sociable, brave nature, self-risk, jolly fellow, optimists. Classic perfumes of oriental type suit on more secret and secluded men individualists for which are important internal peace and harmony. Floral Aldehydes, are sensitive and tend to experience romantic male that love home-like and hate sagacity. Eastern flavors with notes Muscovy and aldehydes – suit impulsively, cheerful, but easily vulnerable people strive to gain pleasure from life and responding to the great events. Sweet floral and oriental fragrances and men perfume spray are suitable for those men who do not like vanity and avoid conflicts. Chypre and floral fragrances with harmonious shades of moss is popular among strong men, who knows what they want out of life. These men are energetic, social, tend to speculate upon the past. Restraint aldehydes and aldehydes with floral fragrances are preferred from men with internal peace. They prefer to keep their feelings under control and strive for good social and economic status in society.

Of course this classification is very conditional. Every man even recognized yourself in any of the psychological descriptions will choose one of the proposed fragrances. The influence of different circumstances change our mood and even individual traits of character and we change our attitude to the fragrances. In this way it is possible that your favorite perfume can bring you negative emotions and provoke you to make change in your preferences.

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