Occasion Photography, a License to Print Money


“Event Photographers possess a license to print money”
When I had a pound for every time I’ve heard that said in an event, I would be a wealthy man! Regrettably, the announcement is not correct. Sure, a few events may seem like that particularly once you’ve a huge crowd all awaiting your printer to spew their favorite pictures. However, what you want to bear in mind is exactly what’s involved with getting that picture into the client’s hands.

A whole lot of the apparel used varies depending on if you’re photographing equestrian events, dog agility shows, kart indoor or racing charity events. But we must get the kit to pay at least one of these kind of reservations – something which needs to be reflected at the cost we charge for our photographs. Following is a rough breakdown of those prices that put behind the purchase price of a print, simply to provide an comprehension of why they’re the price they’re event photographer Washington DC.

Camera gear.
Clearly every photographer wants a camera and a lens. What most individuals do not realize is that professionals will need to take spares of every only in the event of unforeseen conditions. This, of course, doubles the outlay on gear. In my case I use Nikon Professional equipment, which is not affordable, but is amazingly reliable and gives me outstanding picture quality. As a ball-park figure, let us place a cost of4500

Mobile Studio Kit.
Based on the kind of event being coated, the photographer might have to use studio lighting and backdrops. Again, spares have to be carried only in case. A fantastic pair of studio lighting can cost up of800, together with backdrops being half. We’ll call it1200

Computer equipment.
We have to have the ability to acquire the picture before the client as fast as possible. For this, we usually use expert software running on very speedy computers. We utilize Apple iMac’s since they have excellent screens and are extremely compact, although they do come at an affordable cost! In addition, we use wireless transmitters and receivers to speed things together. Just one wireless transmitter is600, we want two of these. Lets insert #100 to the remaining wireless network equipment (routers & cabling). Obviously we need some software to manage all of it, so let us budget #350. Total price for this great deal – #3150

What is the great thing about taking photographs in the event that you can not publish them to the consumers? Therefore we need a minumum of one printer. Obviously, we take two that if you fail, we could continue. We take two different printer dimensions – 9×6″ and 12×8. Lets call it2200 for your printers.

Other things we want.
Marquees – maintaining the kit dry if we are covering door out events is vital. Our marquee cost #800. Obviously, we also require a generator – #250, in addition to chairs and tables for the employees250. That is just another #1300 gone.

I guess this is 1 place where folks save. Well, the reputable ones anyhow. We’re fully insured, for our kit, for public liability and also for company’s liability. Not much change out of600 because of that.

Credit card payment processing.
In this era, it’s deemed vital to have the ability to accept payment by card in occasions. Everybody expects to have the ability to cover that way but, naturally, there is a cost implication to be thought about. It costs about #35 a month to lease the machine, in addition to the percentage obtained by the card companies. For the purposes of the exercise, lets state the percentage increases up to another tenner, bringing the charge to #45 a month – #540 per annum.

Flight boxes and cases.
All this pricey apparel has to be transported safely. A personalized flight case for those printers was400 and #200 for you for your iMac. We have also likely spent another few hundred on different boxes and cases for the rest of the stuff. Total pay, #800.

Electric PAT Testing.
Again, this is likely another place in which the Visitor event photographer will save yourself a couple of quid; they will not bother getting their kit examined. We would like to guarantee the complete safety of these, our employees and our clients. This is an yearly endeavor and cost us about150.

This is most likely a dirty word, but all of us must eat! We experience a fair few men and women who believe we’re profiteering on their pastime and that we ought to do it for the love of this. In an perfect world, this could be great. Regrettably I have a mortgage to pay, food to buy, a vehicle to cover, bills to pay and retirement to program for. So have the ones that function for me.

Account’s fee.
Since we’re a dependable, above-board firm we must make sure that our publications are true. Because I am a photographer rather than an accountant, then I must employ an expert to do so for me. It would be somewhat hypocritical of me to whine about ‘non-professional’ occasion photographers handling tasks and do the exact same thing when it has to do with accountancy! My invoice is roughly #400 annually.

Need I say more? The taxman constantly gets his slit – not pleasant, but it needs to be compensated. Again, this is the place where the “less-than-honest” event photographer likely saves some money as they never tell the taxman about your earnings.

Travel Expenses.
All this kit is thick and has to be lugged around the nation to reach the occasion. The majority of the time we yank a trailer behind the car that’s barely the very fuel efficient method. Presently, once I fill the tank on the vehicle, it costs me about #80 – that is very good for 300 miles that equates to 26p per mile for fuel independently – not taking into consideration taxation, insurance, wear & tear, tyres, servicing and so forth.

Site expenses.
In the present times it simply is not feasible to survive in business without a web presence. A very simple website, capable of hosting photographs, will cost up of100 (which is actually about the cheap!))

So there we go. Total spend so much #14340. That is 1434 prints at #10 all which have to be sold, simply to pay the costs. In fact it’s a lot more than that because the figures do not include the price of the press, the mounts, the newspaper bags and so forth. That figure does not contain anything involving paying for our expertise that’s something which nobody can get overnight. We’re not born knowing how to picture horses show-jumping, dog agility, dressage, the way to construct a group, light folks, pose individuals – all of these are things we must know: things which take time. Again, this is something which needs to be covered.

So my retort to the “Permit to print money” announcement is straightforward: “Yes we do. And for your #30,000 it’s cost us for this permit, I will happily sell it to you!”

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