Flash & Usability on the Web


There was an era about the interet when all was inactive. Webpages were made in pure code, and seldom you could come across a page with an intriguing design. However, the times have changed. Programs such as Macromedia Dreamweaver created webdesigners life simpler. Picture editing software enhanced websites with images that altered them in eye-candy-websites.

But now a new app creates waves online webdesign. Macromedia Flash. A program that has been designed for professional webdesigners. It had such a succes that now you may find it anywhere on the net. From simple cartoon, to complicated applets which interract with the consumer, Macromedia Flash has spiced up the world wide web.

A lot of people began to create sites completely in Flash. This has a few advantages but also some disadvantages. I will attempt to cover a number of these in this report.

When you make a web site in Flash you’ve got complete charge of the plan. It is possible to use animation, interactivity, you can do anything you want with virtually no limitation. Therefore, in the event that you would like a super cool website Flash would seem like the perfect alternative. But nothing is ideal.

By way of instance, if you go to a website made entirely in flash you can’t utilize the entire potential of your browser. If you would like to use the back button you’ll have the unpleasant surprise to realize that the whole website will begin reloading. This will certainly frighten the visitor. You then can not publish the page. Cannot utilize ahead and many many others. These are serious issues and they ought to make you think twice before developing a website in Flash.

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