Maintaining Filters Keeps Water Clean


Hot tubs require little maintenance to keep them running properly. When they are taken care of as directed, they last longer. One of the things that must be maintained is the hot tub filter. The filter keeps the spa water clean and debris-free. It also helps to lower the risk of bacterial growth. Hot tub filters should be cleaned or changed at least once per year, depending on the model and frequency of use click here to see water flosser

A spa filter can be cleaned by following a series of steps. First the outside should be scraped with a filter flosser. The device fits over the nozzle of a garden hose. Water is sprayed throughout the filter, forcing the debris out of the device. The filter can also be soaked overnight in a cleaning solution specially designed for that type of filter and material.

Filters should be replaced at least once per year. The replacement filter should be compatible with the brand and model of the hot tub. Some manufacturers recommend their own filter, which was specially designed for that spa. However, there are many newer innovations that use different types of filtering systems. These trap more impurities, making the water stay cleaner longer.

As the water moves through the hot tub plumbing system as well as the seating area, the debris and microorganisms floating throughout may build up and attach itself to the hard surfaces of the spa. A more sophisticated filtering system will prolong the life of the spa. Keeping a cover over the hot tub while it is not in use will reduce the amount of debris falling into it from the outdoors. It will also reduce the amount of water evaporation that takes place, so the water will not need to be changed or added as frequently.

While the filter is removed for cleaning, the hot tub should not be run. This can damage the inner workings of the machine. It can also cause bacteria, debris and microorganisms to disperse throughout the system without being caught and neutralized.
Before removing the hot tub filter, the motor should be turned off. The old filter should then be removed and the new one inserted. The filter manufacturer’s instructions should be followed in how to prepare it for use.

If the current filter is severely worn, cracked or broken, it may cause the spa to malfunction. In this case, the hot tub should not be used until a new one is bought and installed. It may be easier for the owner to purchase two at the same time. This will save on shipping, time and convenience. In the event that something happens to the existing filter, a second one will be on hand for immediate replacement.

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