The Story Of Jesse And How Numerology Changed His Life


People have different reactions to their first numerology readings. Some are lucky enough to find out things they already knew about themselves. Others learn things that they never really knew about who they are. For many it will be a revelation, for some a confirmation of hopes and dreams. There are people whose numerology reports will be something of a life saver, something that brings them out of the depths of something that has been bogging them down. This is what happened to Jesse Philips; he shares his story here.

There are lots of places where you can get a numerology report, one of the best places to go is numerology expert. If you have no experience in numerology reading in the past then this is a great place to start as they will provide you with a deeper look on the different numbers in your profile.

Phillip got his first numerology reading in his late 20s. At that time he was working for a local accounting firm where he was slowly moving up the ranks. He never told anyone, but apparently he found his job boring; he was only doing well because he was good at establishing client connection numerology calculator. However, he always knew that he wanted more from life, he wanted to travel and he was always worried about his tendency to get very bored with repetitive stuff, especially since his job was just that.

His girlfriend at that time took him to a numerology expert where he got his numerology readings. The numerologist informed him that he had a 5 life path; it changed his life. He learned that he was better suited for travel and for a job that allowed him to do just that. He also learned the challenges that can face a person with his life path can have.

As a result of learning about his Life Path, Jesse decided to make a drastic change in his life. He quit his job and took the savings he had and traveled. He later settled with a marketing firm that allowed him to travel and spend a few months at different countries each year. He says that numerology did change his life for the better and he never looked back since then.

You can choose to get your numerology report now in order to learn more about who you are. There are number of places online to get a reading. If you have access to one, you could also go to local numerologist who can help you as well.

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